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Detailed Fictional Character Backstories

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This prompt equips writers to dive deeper into their characters by generating multi-layered origin stories and poignant history from childhood through young adult pivotal moments. It adds intrigue, realism and empathy so characters leap off the page. Specifically, it creates 1500+ words of memoir-style content exploring the relationships, personal losses, interests, and transformative life experiences that molded your protagonist or antagonist into who they are.
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4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
[Description]: passionate, artistic introvert with a rebellious streak [Age]: 16 [Goal]: To find belonging as an aspiring musician [Tragedy suffered]: loss of a parent [Historical era]: 1960s England [Magical abilities]: ability to breathe underwater This allows buyers to plug in placeholders for the key character details that will shape the resulting origin story output. They can customize details like name, description, age, ambitions, impactful life events, time period, and special powers if applicable.
Example output
Excerpt from "Finding the Music Within" by Amelia My childhood ended too soon the night the police came calling to tell us father had perished in a drunken pub brawl. Mum believed music could save a soul - and it was all we had left with her working three jobs after he died. I escaped out to the garden in those early grieving days, plunging my head under the pond to cry out in muted wails, the water forgiving soundlessly. By age 10, I waged war on the piano keys instead, believing if I could just master dad's untidy Mozart and Beethoven scores, he’d hear me calling from beyond, forgive us for letting his genius eat him alive. The 60s rebellion was swinging through England by 16, when I fell wholly and painfully for a blue-eyed band frontman who smelled of tobacco and patchouli oil. But it was the bassist, a quiet storm named Rhys with calloused fingers, who stayed up with me those first weeks at university when the night terrors crept back...
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