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Discord Server Creation Companion

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ChatGPT prompt that generates a detailed strategy to complete one of the most important parts of your project or business, Community.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
254 ($0.00050 / call)
Example input
. Your server's name: [OpenTech Community Hub] 2. The main purpose or theme of your server: [server_purpose] 3. The target audience or age group: [target_audience] 4. The primary language(s) spoken on your server: [primary_languages] 5. Your desired server size (small, medium, large): [server_size] 6. The key channels/categories you want to include [e.g., general chat, announcements, voice channels]: [key_channels] 7. Any specific bots or integrations you want to add: MEE6: A moderation and leveling bot to help manage the server and reward active members. Dyno: A feature-rich bot for moderation, automod, and server management. Trello: Integration for project management and organizing collaborative tasks. 8. Your preferred moderation style (strict, relaxed, or a mix of both): A mix of both, with a focus on maintaining a friendly and inclusive environment while enforcing rules to ensure respectful behavior and productive discussions. 9. Any additional features or customizations you'd like:Server verification system to prevent spam and ensure genuine members. Custom server roles to differentiate between different skill levels or areas of expertise. Regular community events, such as coding challenges, AMA sessions, or tech-related workshops. A dedicated feedback channel to gather suggestions and ideas from the community for continuous improvement.
Example output
Detailed Plan to Build the OpenTech Community Hub Discord Server: Create the server: a. Log into your Discord account and click on the "+" icon on the left sidebar. b. Choose "Create a server" and enter the server name as "OpenTech Community Hub." c. Select the server region and click "Create." Set up server roles: a. Create roles such as "Admin," "Moderator," "Tech Expert," and "Member" to differentiate between different skill levels or areas of expertise. b. Assign appropriate permissions to each role. Create categories and channels: a. Create the following categories and channels: General Discussion (text) Announcements (text) Programming Corner (text) Hardware and Gadgets (text) Tech News (text) Help and Support (text) Voice Channels (voice) b. Set up permissions for each channel and ensure that only authorized roles can access or interact with specific channels. Implement a server verification system: a. In the "Server Settings," navigate to "Moderation." b. Set the server verification level to your desired level (e.g., low, medium, or high). c. Create a "Welcome" channel where new members will receive instructions for verification. Add bots and integrations: a. Invite the MEE6 and Dyno bots to your server. b. Set up moderation, automod, leveling, and other features using these bots. c. Integrate Trello to manage tasks and collaborations. Establish a moderation style: a. Create a set of server rules to maintain a friendly and inclusive environment. b. Encourage moderators to enforce rules while allowing for productive discussions and respectful behavior. Promote engagement and interaction: a. Organize regular community events such as coding challenges, AMA sessions, and tech-related workshops. b. Utilize the MEE6 leveling system to reward active members and encourage engagement. c. Create a feedback channel to gather suggestions and ideas from the community. Invite and onboard members: a. Share the server invite link with your target audience through social media, forums, and other online platforms. b. Encourage existing members to invite friends and colleagues who share a passion for technology. c. Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for newcomers. Continuously improve and adapt: a. Monitor server activity and engagement. b. Adjust channels, roles, and permissions as needed. c. Implement community feedback and suggestions to improve the server experience. With this detailed plan, you can build the OpenTech Community Hub Discord server and kickstart your community of tech enthusiasts, developers, and technology lovers of all ages.
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