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Education Plan Generator For Your Theme

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πŸš€ Are you to learn something new? But don't know where to start? β€” Instantly create a detailed and comprehensive course plan for any topic. Optimize your educational program and don't waste time on trifles. OR πŸ’ͺ Are you tutoring a business and need help coming up with a tutoring plan? β€” This prompt can generate an education plan for you based on your theme with the practical task
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1 year ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
Education plan of [CSS] Education plan of [HTML] Education plan of [JS] Education plan of [Marketing]
Example output
Topic: CSS Subtopic 1: CSS Basics Sub-subtopic 1: Introduction to CSS Description: Learn the basic syntax and structure of CSS and how it is used to style HTML. Practical task: Style an HTML document with basic CSS rules, such as changing font size and color. Sub-subtopic 2: CSS Selectors Description: Understand the different types of CSS selectors, such as element selectors, class selectors, and ID selectors, and how they are used to target specific HTML elements. Practical task: Use various CSS selectors to style different elements on a webpage. Sub-subtopic 3: CSS Box Model Description: Learn about the CSS Box Model, which describes how HTML elements are structured as boxes, including content, padding, borders, and margin. Practical task: Create a webpage with different elements styled using the CSS Box Model. Sub-subtopic 4: CSS Layouts Description: Understand how to use CSS to create layouts and position elements on a webpage. Practical task: Create a responsive webpage layout using CSS Grid or Flexbox. Sub-subtopic 5: CSS Animations Description: Learn how to use CSS to create animations and transitions on a webpage. Practical task: Create an animated button using CSS. Subtopic 2: Advanced CSS Sub-subtopic 1: CSS Preprocessors Description: Understand what CSS preprocessors are and how they can be used to simplify and streamline CSS coding. Practical task: Use a CSS preprocessor such as SASS or LESS to create a stylesheet. Sub-subtopic 2: CSS Frameworks Description: Learn about CSS frameworks, such as Bootstrap or Foundation, and how they can be used to create responsive, mobile-first websites. Practical task: Build a responsive webpage using a CSS framework. and e.t.c
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