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📝Struggling with writing professional emails? ➡️Our advanced AI becomes your personal email proofreader and enhancer. ➡️Get customized suggestions for improving your email drafts in business English. ➡️Just input your email draft details, and get a refined output that conveys your message effectively and professionally. ✅Say goodbye to email blunders, hello to effective communication!
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7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
78 ($0.00230 / call)
Example input
[Your Email Draft]: "Hey, Just checking in about the report. When will it be done? Regards." [Purpose of Email]: "To follow up on a pending report." [Your Role]: "Project Manager." [Recipient Details]: "A team member who is working remotely."
Example output
Subject: Follow-Up on Report: Deadline Confirmation Dear [Team Member's Name], I trust this message finds you well. I hope your current endeavors are progressing smoothly. I wanted to kindly follow up on the status of the pending report we discussed earlier. Understanding the various tasks at hand, I'm eager to coordinate our efforts effectively. Could you please provide an update on the estimated timeline for the completion of the report? This information will assist in ensuring our project timeline aligns with our expectations. Your contributions to this project are invaluable, and I appreciate your dedication to delivering high-quality work. If there are any challenges or roadblocks impeding progress, please do not hesitate to communicate them. Your input is vital in maintaining our project's momentum. Thank you in advance for your prompt response. Your efforts are crucial to the successful realization of our objectives. Warm regards, [Your Name] Project Manager [Company Name] [Contact Information] This revised email maintains a professional tone, exhibits polite inquiry, acknowledges the recipient's contribution, and emphasizes the importance of their input. The language is formal and respectful, aligning with a business context while preserving the intent of following up on the pending report.
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