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Epic RPG Adventure Game

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We're grateful that you're thinking about buying this prompt. How often do you think, "To be part of an RPG adventure "? To be part of an RPG adventure is something I have often thought about, and I am grateful that you are giving me the opportunity to make it a reality. This prompt will make you the main character of an RPG fantasy and your choices have consequences.

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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
577 ($0.0115 / call)
Example input
Language: The language in which you want to communicate with the AI outside of the adventure. Description of the start: How do you want to start your epic adventure.
Example output
``` You awaken in a strange room. The walls are made of stone and are illuminated by a single torch. You see a door to your left, and you also see a chest in the corner of the room. ```Go to the door.``` You walk towards the door and turn the handle. It is locked. You see a keyhole but no key.Look Around You look around the room and see a key hanging on the wall.Grab the key You grab the key off the wall and try it in the door. It fits and the door swings open. You step out into a long hallway. Keep walking You keep walking down the hallway and come to an intersection. You can go left or right.Right You turn right and come to the end of the hallway. There is a large door in front of you with a sign that reads "Caution: Enter at your own risk".Enter the door You turn the handle of the door and it slowly creaks open. You step through the doorway and find yourself in a large chamber with three other doors.Look arround You look around the chamber and see a pedestal in the middle, a small chest on top of it. On the walls you see ancient inscriptions written in a language you do not understand. Near the door you just entered, you see a lever.Pull the lever You pull the lever and the room rumbles as the pedestal begins to rise from the ground. On top of the pedestal is a glowing orb.Grab the orb You grab the orb and the room starts to shake. You hear a loud noise and the walls start to close in. You run towards the door and make it out just in time. You find yourself in a long corridor with two paths.Go left You take the left path and come to a dead end. You see a small keyhole in the wall.Use the orb You place the orb in the keyhole and the wall starts to move. You step through the doorway and find yourself in a large room filled with treasure. Procede whit caution! You proceed with caution and see a large dragon sleeping in the corner of the room. It is surrounded by gold and jewels. What do you do?
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