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Esports Sponsorship Proposal Guide

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This prompt helps you create a professional sponsorship proposal for your esports team. It starts by suggesting potential sponsors that align with your team's profile. Once you choose a sponsor, it crafts a detailed, persuasive proposal highlighting key achievements and tailored opportunities. The result is a comprehensive document designed to attract and secure sponsorship deals, showcasing your team's value and metrics for success.
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Example input
[Team Name]: Cyber Warriors [Games Played]: League of Legends [Key Achievements]: 2023 Regional Champions, Top 10 World Rankings [Audience Demographics]: 16-25, 70% male, 30% female, primarily from North America and Europe [Social Media Reach and Engagement Stats]: 500K followers on Twitter, 300K on Instagram, 200K on Twitch [Team Values and Mission]: Innovation, teamwork, and community engagement
Example output
### Sponsorship Proposal for Cyber Warriors and Red Bull --- #### **Introduction** The **Cyber Warriors** are an elite esports team competing in **League of Legends**. Known for their strategic prowess and dynamic gameplay, they have achieved significant milestones, including being crowned the **2023 Regional Champions** and securing a spot in the **Top 10 World Rankings**. Our audience primarily comprises males (70%) and females (30%) aged 16-25 from North America and Europe. With a robust social media presence—500K followers on Twitter, 300K on Instagram, and 200K on Twitch—the Cyber Warriors are dedicated to innovation, teamwork, and community engagement. #### **Alignment with Red Bull** Red Bull's brand identity aligns seamlessly with the Cyber Warriors’ values. Both entities are committed to innovation, high performance, and fostering a strong community. Red Bull’s extensive experience in sponsoring high-energy sports and esports events makes them an ideal partner. Their target market—young, active individuals interested in competitive sports—mirrors our audience demographics, ensuring that our combined efforts will resonate deeply with our fanbase. #### **Value Proposition** **1. Product Showcasing and Branding:** - Feature Red Bull branding on team jerseys, in-game overlays, and at live events. - Exclusive behind-the-scenes content featuring Red Bull products in training sessions and team activities. **2. Content Creation and Engagement:** - Collaborative content series highlighting the synergy between Red Bull and Cyber Warriors, including player interviews, strategy breakdowns, and tournament preparations. - Co-hosted live streams and interactive Q&A sessions on Twitch, integrating Red Bull’s branding and messaging. **3. Events and Activations:** - Red Bull-sponsored tournaments and fan meet-ups, offering exclusive merchandise and experiences. - Engagement in Red Bull’s existing esports events, providing additional visibility and promotional opportunities. #### **Sponsorship Tiers and Benefits** **Platinum Tier:** - Prominent logo placement on team jerseys, streaming overlays, and social media banners. - Monthly dedicated content pieces and collaborative campaigns. - VIP access and branding at all Cyber Warriors’ live events and tournaments. **Gold Tier:** - Logo placement on secondary team apparel and digital content. - Quarterly content collaborations and special event activations. - Branding opportunities at selected events and online engagements. **Silver Tier:** - Logo placement on team’s website and social media profiles. - Periodic mentions in content and during live streams. - Inclusion in community engagement activities and smaller events. #### **Metrics and ROI** **Viewership and Reach:** - Average of 1 million views per month across all social media platforms. - High engagement rates with a passionate and active fanbase. **Success Measurement:** - Monthly reports detailing social media reach, engagement metrics, and brand mentions. - Surveys and feedback forms to gauge fan response to collaborative content and activations. **Past Successful Partnerships:** - Collaboration with various brands has consistently resulted in increased engagement and positive brand perception among our audience. Case studies and detailed statistics are available in the attached portfolio. #### **Conclusion** Partnering with Red Bull offers a unique opportunity to tap into the vibrant and growing esports community. Together, we can drive innovation, foster community engagement, and achieve mutual growth. We invite Red Bull to join us in this exciting venture and look forward to further discussions on how we can create impactful experiences for our fans. #### **Attachments** - Detailed team portfolio with audience demographics and engagement statistics. - Case studies of previous successful sponsorships. - Visual mockups of potential branding opportunities. #### **Contact Information** - [Team Manager’s Name] - [Email Address] - [Phone Number] - [Team Website] --- By joining forces, Cyber Warriors and Red Bull can elevate the esports experience to new heights, driving forward the values of innovation, teamwork, and community engagement.
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