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Etsy SEO Title Generator

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This prompt allows users to generate SEO-optimized titles for their Etsy listings by considering factors such as relevant keywords, product details, and engaging language. It helps improve the search visibility of Etsy products, potentially attracting more buyers.
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5 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
131 ($0.00390 / call)
Example input
Sample Product 1: Handmade wooden coffee mug with a personalized engraved message Sample Product 2: Vintage silver coffee mug with a unique bird pendant Sample Product 3: Handmade baby coffee mug made from soft and cozy cotton Sample Product 4: Personalized pet coffee mug of your furry friend, hand-painted on canvas Sample Product 5: Vintage teacup coffee mug with a beautiful and elegant design
Example output
Creating SEO-optimized titles on Etsy is crucial for maximizing your products' visibility to potential buyers. Here's how to craft effective titles, why it's important to include relevant keywords and product details, and some optimized titles for your sample products: **1. Handmade Wooden Coffee Mug with a Personalized Engraved Message** - Optimized Title: "Custom Engraved Wooden Coffee Mug - Personalized Rustic Wood Mug - Handcrafted Gift" - Explanation: This title includes keywords like "custom," "engraved," "wooden," "handcrafted," and "gift," which are commonly used by shoppers when searching for personalized coffee mugs. It also mentions the unique selling point of rustic craftsmanship. **2. Vintage Silver Coffee Mug with a Unique Bird Pendant** - Optimized Title: "Vintage Silver Coffee Mug - Unique Bird Pendant - Retro Teacup Collectible" - Explanation: This title highlights essential keywords such as "vintage," "silver," "unique," "bird pendant," and "retro." It emphasizes the uniqueness of the product and its collectible nature. **3. Handmade Baby Coffee Mug Made from Soft and Cozy Cotton** - Optimized Title: "Handmade Baby Coffee Mug - Soft Cozy Cotton Cup - Newborn Shower Gift" - Explanation: This title includes keywords like "handmade," "baby," "soft," "cozy," "cotton," and "shower gift." It communicates the materials used and its suitability as a newborn shower gift. **4. Personalized Pet Coffee Mug of Your Furry Friend, Hand-Painted on Canvas** - Optimized Title: "Custom Pet Coffee Mug - Hand-Painted Canvas - Personalized Furry Friend Gift" - Explanation: This title uses keywords like "custom," "pet," "hand-painted," "canvas," and "personalized gift." It highlights the uniqueness of having your pet on the mug. **5. Vintage Teacup Coffee Mug with a Beautiful and Elegant Design** - Optimized Title: "Vintage Teacup Coffee Mug - Beautiful Elegant Design - Collectible Tea Lover Gift" - Explanation: This title features keywords such as "vintage," "teacup," "coffee mug," "beautiful," "elegant design," and "collectible." It appeals to tea lovers and collectors, emphasizing the item's aesthetic appeal. Tips for Crafting Effective Titles: 1. Use relevant keywords: Research keywords related to your product, and include them naturally in your title. 2. Highlight unique features: Mention what sets your product apart, whether it's handmade, vintage, personalized, or has a special design. 3. Keep it concise: Etsy titles should be around 140 characters or less to ensure they display well on search results. 4. Focus on buyer intent: Think about what your target audience is searching for and tailor your titles to match those search queries. 5. Be descriptive: Provide essential product details, such as materials, size, and purpose (e.g., gift, collectible). 6. Test and adjust: Monitor your Etsy shop's performance and tweak your titles based on what works best for your specific niche and audience. By following these tips and creating well-optimized titles, you'll increase your products' visibility and attract more potential buyers on Etsy.
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