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Fiction Writing First Draft Generator

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They say you should only spend 10% of your time on a writing project on the first draft. Get over blank page syndrome and get your first draft out ASAP with this generator. Best suited for short stories or writing individual scenes of a larger prose piece.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
338 ($0.01010 / call)
Example input
Write a mystery story
Example output
Mist clung to the cobblestone streets like a living shroud, weaving through the narrow alleys of the small coastal town. Waves whispered secrets as they caressed the shoreline. Inside her dimly lit office, Detective Sarah Thompson studied a crinkled photograph of the missing artist, John Taylor. His piercing green eyes stared back, imploring her to unearth the truth behind his disappearance. Sarah's fingers tapped the oak desk, a soft rhythm echoing her racing thoughts. Her motivation was simple: to bring closure to the town's unsolved mysteries. And John Taylor was the most puzzling enigma yet. "Morning, Detective," greeted Officer Jensen, his voice wavering like a reed in the wind. The wrinkles framing his eyes deepened as he handed her a cup of black coffee. "Thanks," she replied, inhaling the bitter aroma. "Any news on Taylor?" "Found his car," Jensen said, his eyes clouded with unease. "Abandoned near the old lighthouse. No sign of him, though." A metallic taste of dread settled on Sarah's tongue. The lighthouse had been derelict for years, a decaying skeleton of its former self. She nodded and donned her coat, the fabric rustling as it settled on her shoulders. As they approached the lighthouse, the ocean's briny scent filled their nostrils. Seagulls cawed overhead, their wings casting sinister shadows on the cracked pavement. "What's this?" Sarah murmured, crouching beside a smear of red on the ground. Jensen's Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. "Blood?" he choked out, his face paling like the underbelly of a fish. "Maybe," she replied, her voice steady as a ship's anchor. They exchanged a tense glance before entering the lighthouse. Inside, Sarah discovered a painting, the oils still wet on the canvas. A woman's face, rendered with exquisite detail, haunted the scene – her eyes pools of sorrow, her lips a melancholy curve. "It's beautiful," Jensen breathed, his voice hushed in reverence. "But who is she?" Sarah wondered aloud, feeling an inexplicable connection to the portrait. The investigation led Sarah and Jensen to interview the townspeople. They encountered a colorful tapestry of personalities: the flirtatious bartender, the tight-lipped librarian, and the cantankerous fisherman, each with their own secrets simmering beneath the surface. As the days blurred together, Sarah's dreams were invaded by the melancholic woman in the painting. She became an obsession, her visage burned into Sarah's memory like a brand. Sleep became a luxury, leaving her with hollow eyes and a heavy heart. As the stakes rose, tension between Sarah and Jensen intensified, their partnership strained by Sarah's unyielding determination. Jensen's mouth was a tight line, his eyes narrowed like a coiled spring, ready to snap. "Sarah," Jensen pleaded, "we're running out of leads. The town's getting restless, and I'm worried about you." "I can't let this go," Sarah insisted, her jaw clenched, her voice a raw whisper. In a final desperate bid for answers, Sarah confronted the flirtatious bartender, sensing something dark and dangerous lurking beneath his charm. "I don't know anything about Taylor," he protested, but his eyes darted away, revealing the lie. Sarah's hand shot out, gripping his wrist like a vice. "Tell me," she demanded, her voice a steel blade. He swallowed hard, beads of sweat dotting his brow. "All right," he hissed. "He painted my wife, okay? She left me after seeing that portrait. It captured her soul or something." Sarah released him, her heart pounding like a drum. She left the bar, the bartender's confession ringing in her ears. Haunted by the revelation, Sarah revisited the painting in the lighthouse. The melancholic woman's eyes seemed to stare into her soul, as if begging for solace. A sudden realization struck her like lightning: the woman was the key. Sarah retraced her steps, questioning the townspeople once more. Her perseverance bore fruit when the tight-lipped librarian finally cracked, admitting that the woman in the painting was her estranged sister. Sarah's pulse raced, sensing the truth within her grasp. The librarian led Sarah to a small cottage on the outskirts of town, where they found the woman, her eyes brimming with tears. She revealed a tragic love triangle between her, John Taylor, and the bartender. Consumed by jealousy, the bartender had confronted the artist, resulting in a violent altercation near the lighthouse. In a climactic moment, Sarah returned to the lighthouse, accompanied by Jensen and the melancholic woman. They discovered a hidden chamber, the air thick with dust and secrets. There, they found John Taylor's lifeless body, his green eyes forever closed. The bartender was arrested, and the town breathed a collective sigh of relief. Sarah's quest had reached its bittersweet end, the cost weighing heavily on her spirit. As she stood on the shore, the waves murmuring their eternal secrets, she understood that the darkness of human nature was as vast and complex as the ocean itself. Though the mystery of John Taylor's disappearance was solved, Sarah knew that countless others remained, hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be unearthed. But for now, she gazed at the horizon, finding solace in the promise of a new day.
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