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Grading Assistant Boost Your Writing

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Hey fellow writers and educators! I'm excited to share my latest creation with you: a Grading Assistant designed to help you assess and improve your and your student's writing with ease. After pouring my heart into research and development, I've come up with a tool that can truly make a difference. 🎯 What the Grading Assistant Offers You: 🔢 Scoring System: Get a comprehensive score between 1-6 for your writing. 📊 Percentage Analysis: Understand your writing's quality with a clear percentage.
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Updated: 3 months ago

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Completion - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
Atlantic City, New Jersey, has long been a popular destination for tourists seeking the excitement of the iconic boardwalk, sandy beaches, and thriving casinos. However, the city's rich history dates back far beyond the glittering lights of the modern era. At the heart of this storied past lies the Belloe House, the first hotel in Atlantic City, which opened its doors in 1853. This essay will explore the establishment and significance of the Belloe House, shedding light on how it set the stage for Atlantic City's transformation into a renowned tourist destination.
Example output
Grade: 5.5/6 Percentage Score: 91.67% Rewritten Text: Atlantic City, New Jersey has long been a sought-after destination for tourists craving the excitement of the iconic boardwalk, sandy shores, and bustling casinos. However, the city's rich history stretches far beyond the sparkling lights of the contemporary era. At the center of this illustrious past is the Belloe House, Atlantic City's first hotel, which welcomed guests in 1853. This essay delves into the founding and significance of the Belloe House, illuminating its role in paving the way for Atlantic City's metamorphosis into a celebrated tourist hotspot. Most Important Reason for Grade: The original text was well-written, with only minor adjustments needed to enhance clarity and word choice.
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