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🎤 This prompt transforms into your personal hit-song wizard! This prompt crafts bespoke, chart-ready tunes, blending music theory with current trends. It's ideal for musicians, producers, creative minds & more as it molds melodies, lyrics, and rhythms to your style and audience. Use this prompt to elevate your music journey with a tailored, industry-standard soundtrack. It's perfect for anyone seeking a unique musical edge! 🎵🚀💡Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #MariesMasterpiece
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Updated: 2 months ago

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Example input
INPUT #1 [Genre]: Pop [Target Audience]: Teenagers [Mood/Theme]: Summer Love [Specific Instruments or Sounds]: Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers INPUT #2 - Give me a full sample song with every musical aspect included based on this.
Example output
Creating a pop song tailored for teenagers, themed around summer love, and featuring acoustic guitar and synthesizers involves several key elements: ### Title: "Summer Heartstrings" ### Structure: 1. **Intro: Acoustic guitar with a light, catchy riff. 2. **Verse 1: Light, airy vocals; lyrics about the excitement of a new summer love. 3. **Pre-Chorus: Builds energy with a gradual addition of synthesizers. 4. **Chorus: Upbeat and catchy, synthesizers fully kick in; lyrics about the joy and innocence of summer love. 5. **Verse 2: Continues the story, maybe a twist or a challenge in the relationship. 6. **Pre-Chorus: Similar to the first but with added backing vocals. 7. **Chorus: Same as the first chorus, but with more energy. 8. **Bridge: Slows down, maybe a key change; introspective lyrics about the significance of the relationship. 9. **Final Chorus: More powerful and emotional, potentially an octave higher. 10. **Outro: A return to the acoustic guitar, echoing the intro but with a sense of closure. ### Lyrics: - **Verse 1: Talks about meeting someone new, the excitement of summer days. - **Chorus: "Under the sun, we run free / Summer heartstrings, you and me / In this moment, we believe / In the magic, we can't see." - **Verse 2: Delving deeper into the relationship, shared moments. - **Bridge: Reflective, realizing how this summer love has changed them. ### Rhythm and Tempo: - Upbeat tempo, around 120 bpm, suitable for dancing and easy listening. - Rhythms should be catchy and syncopated, especially in the chorus. ### Instrumentation: - **Acoustic Guitar: Provides a warm, organic feel, especially in the intro and verses. - **Synthesizers: Used to create a modern pop sound, more prominent in the chorus and bridge. - **Bass: Simple but effective lines to drive the song. - **Drums: A mix of electronic beats and acoustic drum sounds for a contemporary feel. ### Production Notes: - **Vocal Style: Clear, emotive, with some youthful energy. - **Harmonies: Layered during the chorus for a fuller sound. - **Synthesizer Sounds: Modern, bright, and slightly digital to appeal to a younger audience. - **Mixing: Focus on clarity and punchiness, ensuring the vocals and hook stand out. ### Cultural/Stylistic Nuances: - Lyrics and themes that resonate with teenage experiences and emotions. - Incorporating current slang or expressions popular among teenagers. - Musical influences from trending artists or genres among the target demographic. ** This song aims to capture the essence of youthful summer love with an infectious melody, relatable lyrics, and a blend of acoustic warmth and modern pop production. ** OUTPUT #2 Creating a full sample song with detailed musical aspects, based on your specified criteria, would involve combining lyrical content with a specific musical arrangement. Here's a breakdown of how "Summer Heartstrings" could be structured, including lyrics and musical details: ### Title: "Summer Heartstrings" ### Key: C Major ### Tempo: 120 BPM ### Time Signature: 4/4 ### Structure: #### Intro (8 Bars) - **Instrumentation: Solo acoustic guitar playing a catchy, upbeat riff. - **Melody: A simple, memorable melody line that sets the summer vibe. #### Verse 1 (16 Bars) - **Lyrics: "Walking down the shoreline, with our feet in the sand / Talking 'bout everything and making unplanned plans." - **Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar continues, light percussion (like a shaker) starts. - **Vocal Melody: Smooth, flowing melody to match the narrative. #### Pre-Chorus (8 Bars) - **Lyrics: "Can you feel it in the air? Something more than just a summer flair." - **Instrumentation: Gradual addition of synthesizers, creating a fuller sound. - **Build-Up: Slight increase in dynamics, leading into the chorus. #### Chorus (16 Bars) - **Lyrics: "Under the sun, we run free / Summer heartstrings, you and me / In this moment, we believe / In the magic, we can't see." - **Instrumentation: Full band kicks in - synthesizers, bass, drums, and layered guitars. - **Vocal Melody: Catchy, uplifting, and memorable. #### Verse 2 (16 Bars) - **Lyrics: "Laughing under starry skies, secrets shared in whispers and sighs." - **Instrumentation: Similar to Verse 1 but with added rhythm complexity. - **Vocal Melody: Continues the narrative with a slight variation in melody. #### Pre-Chorus (8 Bars) - **Instrumentation: Similar build-up as before but with added backing vocals. #### Chorus (16 Bars) - **Instrumentation & Lyrics: Similar to the first chorus, with more intensity. #### Bridge (8 Bars) - **Lyrics: "As autumn winds begin to blow, will our summer love still grow?" - **Instrumentation: Possible key change; a breakdown with minimalistic synth and guitar. - **Vocal Melody: More introspective and emotional. #### Final Chorus (16 Bars) - **Instrumentation & Lyrics: Similar to previous choruses but more powerful. #### Outro (8 Bars) - **Instrumentation: Return to the solo acoustic guitar, echoing the intro. - **Melody: A reflective melody, suggesting a sweet ending to the song. ### Production Elements: - **Vocals: Clear and emotive, with layered harmonies in the chorus. - **Mixing: Balance between clarity of vocals and the richness of the instruments. - **Mastering: Aim for a bright, radio-friendly sound. ** This song combines the elements of storytelling, catchy melodies, and modern pop production to create a summer anthem that resonates with its teenage audience. The combination of acoustic warmth and electronic vibrancy in the instrumentation aims to capture the spirit of summer love. **
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