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Home Decor Planner Personalized

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Revamp your living space with our AI-based home decor planner! Ideal for homeowners, interior designers, or anyone with a flair for aesthetics, this prompt helps create a unique and personalized home environment. Input your room dimensions, preferred style, color scheme, and furniture preferences to receive a bespoke decor plan. It covers everything from furniture layout to wall colors and accessory suggestions. Perfect for those looking to refresh their space or embark on a complete home makeov
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5 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
200 ($0.00600 / call)
Example input
Preview Input for Testing Prompt: - [ROOM TYPE]: Bedroom - [LENGTH x WIDTH]: 12ft x 15ft - [STYLE]: Cozy and Rustic - [COLORS]: Warm Earthy Tones - [FURNITURE PREFERENCES]: Queen-sized Wooden Bed Frame, Vintage Dresser - [DECOR ACCESSORIES]: Woven Rug, Framed Landscape Paintings, Soft Throw Pillows - [LIGHTING]: Soft White LED Bulbs - [FLOORING]: Plush Carpeting
Example output
To design a personalized home decor plan for your 12ft x 15ft bedroom in a cozy, rustic style with warm earthy tones, here's a detailed plan: 1. **Color Scheme and Walls**: - Primary colors: Soft terracotta, creamy beige, and muted olive green. - Accent wall: One wall painted in terracotta or adorned with rustic wooden paneling. 2. **Furniture**: - Bed: A queen-sized bed with a solid wooden frame, featuring a headboard with a simple, rustic design. - Dresser: A vintage, wooden dresser with antique brass handles, offering a blend of charm and functionality. 3. **Bedding and Textiles**: - Bedding: Earth-toned linens with accent throw pillows in olive green, burnt orange, and beige. - Curtains: Thick, woven curtains in a beige or soft brown to complement the earthy theme and provide warmth. 4. **Flooring**: - Plush carpet in a neutral, warm tone to add comfort and warmth to the space. - A large, woven rug centered under the bed, incorporating earthy colors and geometric patterns. 5. **Lighting**: - Main lighting: Soft white LED bulbs in a rustic chandelier or ceiling fixture. - Accent lighting: Table lamps on bedside tables with warm-toned shades. 6. **Decor Accessories**: - Wall Art: Framed landscape paintings depicting serene, natural settings. - Additional Decor: Potted indoor plants, a vintage mirror above the dresser, and a cozy armchair with a knitted throw blanket. 7. **Additional Suggestions**: - Incorporate natural elements like a wooden clock, stone vases, or wicker baskets for storage. - Consider adding a small, rustic writing desk by the window, paired with a vintage chair. This plan should create a warm, inviting, and rustic bedroom space with a harmonious blend of modern comfort and vintage charm.
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