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Humorous Situations And Dialogues

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This customizable humor prompt puts the power of comedy writing in your hands. Generate laugh-out-loud situations, witty banter, escalating awkwardness, and ultimate punchlines on demand. It’s perfect for ideating sitcom pilots, improv skits, YouTube videos, comedy routines, even just lively stories to make friends laugh over drinks. No need to be stuck when trying to create amusing original content or inject levity into your writing projects.
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4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
178 ($0.00530 / call)
Example input
[Character 1]: A slick businessman who's afraid of heights [Character 2]: A happy-go-lucky window washer [Funny situation]: The characters both get stuck together on a window washing platform 10 stories up that won't descend. [Comedic style]: Physical comedy and farce This allows the buyer to plug in their own odd character combinations and absurd situational premise to start building out a unique funny scene before purchase. They can also specify the brand of comedy they're looking to generate like slapstick, dark comedy, screwball comedy etc.
Example output
"You seem a bit tense, sir. First time on a window washing platform?" chuckles "Here, have a mint. Always calms my nerves before a bit of dangling. Whoops sorry - didn't mean to rock us there!" "Please...stop talking. And for god's sake, stop eating while we're stuck out here!" "Lighten up, it's a gorgeous view! Besides, Betty here's gotten me out of tougher jams than this. She'll have us down in no time I reckon. Ooh - bad choice of words again...Who wants some gum?" "I swear if we make it off this death trap, I'm installing permanent sidewalk scaffolding for the cadet washers at my company. Now what's that beeping?! Please tell me we're moving." "Uh oh, that might be the low fuel indicator on Betty. But relax! I know some jokes that'll help pass the time. Ok, what do you call a fish wearing a bowtie? snorts...Sofishticated! Get it? Because they live in water. Get it?" "We're both going to die up here..."
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