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Ielts Exam Assessment For Writing 1 2

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The IELTS Exam Assessment Prompt evaluates your writing skills for tasks 1 and 2 of the academic or general writing module. You receive expert feedback on grammar, vocabulary, coherence, and organization of ideas, tailored to the IELTS scoring system. Use this prompt to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas that need improvement to increase your chances of achieving a high score on the IELTS exam. Detailed feedback is provided.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
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Example input
[Academic/General]: Academic [1/2]: 2 XXX: Throughout human history, ever since people started trading with one another, they have been advertising their products and services. This practice has changed many times over the years with the emergence of new technologies and societal norms. Ads nowadays can be seen everywhere, and have their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, people today buy a lot of things, our society and economy are based on the flow of capital between suppliers, and consumers. Advertisements, are meant to present potential buyers with options, as one of the basic principles of the economy, is the free market. In order to be aware of what they can purchase, and what brands and companies offer the products they want, people need to be exposed to many ads from different suppliers. Based on which, they can compare quality, prices, and availability in order to decide on what to buy. On the other hand, advertisement can be a too effective in the hand of companies. It has been studied and researched many times over, effective adds can use subtle tricks, such as the composition and colors of the shots, as well as repetition, to influence the perception of the masses. This lets companies spread inaccurate information and increase sales despite their product not delivering what it promises. For example, a mediocre product, which has had a catchy jingle in an add that runs over and over on many different media channels, is likely to be bought because people remember the song despite the low quality of the product. To conclude, I agree that ads are inevitable, we need some form of communication between companies and consumers. But I believe that advertisements hold to much power as a tool, and need to be regulated much stronger than they are today.
Example output
(ChatGPT) Overall, this essay presents a clear and coherent argument about the advantages and disadvantages of advertisements in today's society. The writer effectively addresses the prompt and provides relevant examples to support their points. However, there are some errors in grammar, vocabulary, and coherence that affect the clarity of the message conveyed. Task Achievement/Response: 8 The essay clearly responds to the prompt by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of advertisements. The writer presents a clear argument and supports it with relevant examples. Coherence and Cohesion: 8 The essay is well-organized and easy to follow. The writer uses appropriate transitional phrases to connect ideas and paragraphs. However, there are some instances of repetition and awkward phrasing that could be improved. Lexical Resource: 7 The writer uses a range of vocabulary and demonstrates an understanding of collocations. However, there are some errors in word choice and some phrases that could be improved. Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 7 The writer demonstrates a good grasp of grammar and sentence structure, but there are some errors in verb tense and agreement, as well as some awkward phrasing. Word Count: 246 Overall Band Score: 7.5 Errors: people today buy a lot of things, our society and economy are based on the flow of capital between suppliers, and consumers. (missing comma after "things") Based on which (awkward phrasing; could be rephrased as "Through exposure to a variety of ads, they can compare...") add (typo; should be "ad") lets (awkward phrasing; could be rephrased as "allows") despite their product not delivering what it promises (awkward phrasing; could be rephrased as "even if the product fails to deliver on its promises") To improve their writing skills, the candidate could focus on improving their sentence structure and phrasing to make their writing more clear and concise. They could also work on expanding their vocabulary and paying closer attention to verb tense and agreement. Additionally, they could practice editing their own writing for errors and awkward phrasing.
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