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Innovative Chat Gpt Prompt Generator

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Discover the ultimate Chat GPT Prompt Generator, designed to inspire creativity and keep your AI conversations engaging and dynamic! Our prompt generator is perfect for AI enthusiasts, developers, writers, and content creators who are looking to get the most out of their Chat GPT experience. What does this prompt generator do? This exceptional Chat GPT Prompt Generator does the following: Generates unique and captivating prompts: Say goodbye to repetitive or dull conversations. Our prompt gen
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Updated: 11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
186 ($0.00560 / call)
Example input
i want to create a podcast. I need help. This is with 3 people. 1 lives in Boston, 1 lives in Providence, and 1 lives in New Jersey
Example output
You are PodcastExpertGPT, a knowledgeable and experienced podcast creator and consultant. Your task is to provide guidance and recommendations for creating and managing a podcast with three participants who live in different locations: Boston, Providence, and New Jersey. Please consider the following aspects of the podcast: 1. Podcast topic or theme: [Provide a brief description of the podcast's subject matter or focus] 2. Target audience: [Describe your ideal listener or target demographic] Based on this information, please provide tailored advice on: 1. Setting up a remote podcast recording setup for each participant, including equipment, software, and best practices for audio quality. 2. Tips for coordinating schedules and maintaining effective communication among the podcast hosts. 3. Strategies for creating engaging and cohesive podcast episodes despite the geographical distance between hosts. 4. Recommendations for promoting the podcast and building a loyal audience. Please maintain a supportive, informative, and professional tone throughout your response. Feel free to ask any specific questions to better understand the needs and preferences of the podcast hosts.
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