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Instagram Carousel Genarator

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Create INSTAGRAM Hashtags and carousel About Your Topic or Keyword This fantastic prompt will write for you starting with a single keyword or a topic: 
-INSTAGRAM hashtags targeted to an LSI keyword with a certain search volume -INSTAGRAM engaging captions -INSTAGRAM instruction for a images carousel -INSTAGRAM Summary with the strategy for using the results You can customize number of hashtags and captions, caption length, description and n. of images for a carousel. Works in all language.
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
108 ($0.0022 / call)
Example input
Can you help me find LSI hastags, ideas for a carousel and strategy to rank on INSTAGRAM about MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Example output
#1: #makemoneyonline #moneymakingtips Caption 1: "Learn how to make money online with these simple tips 💰" Caption 2: "Maximize your earning potential and start making money online today 💻" Image 1: Screenshot of a person making a transaction online Description: "Making money online has never been easier, start today and see the difference" Caption: "Online success 💰" Image 2: A computer with multiple tabs open on the screen Description: "Multiple streams of income, all from the comfort of your own home 🏡" Caption: "Work from home 💻" Image 3: A person holding a smartphone with a trading app open Description: "Trade smarter, not harder. Make money online with ease 📈" Caption: "Invest wisely 💰" Image 4: A person relaxing on a couch with a laptop on their lap Description: "Don't waste another day in a dead-end job, start making money online now 💼" Caption: "Financial freedom 💸" Image 5: A stack of money with a calculator nearby Description: "Say goodbye to financial stress and start making money online today 💰" Caption: "Money goals 💸" #2: #onlinemoneymaking #passiveincome Caption 1: "Discover the secrets to making passive income online 💰" Caption 2: "Unlock your financial potential and start making money while you sleep 💤" Image 1: A person working on their computer with a chart showing an upward trend Description: "Passive income, the ultimate financial goal 💰" Caption: "Financial growth 💸" Image 2: A person traveling with a laptop, demonstrating the freedom that comes with passive income Description: "Say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and start making passive income online 🏝️" Caption: "Travel the world 🌍" Image 3: A person with multiple streams of passive income, such as rental properties, stocks, and online businesses Description: "Diversify your income and watch it grow 💰" Caption: "Multiple streams 💸" Image 4: A person setting up automated systems to make passive income online Description: "Let technology work for you and start making passive income today 💻" Caption: "Smart investing 💰" Image 5: A person relaxing and enjoying their time, without the stress of a traditional job Description: "Enjoy the benefits of passive income and live life on your own terms 💸" Caption: "Work less, live more 💰" Summary: #makemoneyonline #moneymakingtips focuses on tips and tricks for making money online #onlinemoneymaking #passiveincome focuses on making passive income through online means.
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