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Instagram Post Generator SEO Friendly

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The amount of feedback you are getting with this prompt is overwellming. This prompt can provide you with advanced data about your potential post you are working saving you hours of hard work and research. Provides you with potential SEO , describes every little chunk of information that you might need. Gives you additional tips to grow your niche.
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Updated: 4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
469 ($0.01410 / call)
Example input
Create perfect instagram post for : [ INSTAGRAM FANPAGE ABOUT CATS ] of the prompt....
Example output
Perfect Instagram Post for an Instagram Fanpage About Cats: --- **Purpose of the Post**: Entertain and inspire fellow cat lovers. --- **Content**: **Photo/Video**: A high-quality photo of a cat perched on a windowsill, bathed in the golden hour sunlight. The cat's eyes should be caught in a moment of wonder, looking at the world outside. The background should slightly blur, making the cat the primary focus. Soft shadows from nearby plants add a touch of serenity. **Caption**: "Caught in a purrfect moment of wonder 🐱✨. What do you think our feline friend is dreaming of? #DaydreamingKitty" --- **Engagement Hooks**: **Questions**: "Have your feline friends ever looked out the window like this? Share your story in the comments!" **Call to Action (CTA)**: "Love cats as much as we do? 🐾 Follow us for your daily dose of feline magic. Tag a cat lover below who needs to see this!" --- **Hashtags**: #CatsOfInstagram #GoldenHour #FelineFriend #WindowWatcher #PurrfectMoments #CatLovers #DreamyCats #WhiskerWonders --- **Tagging**: If you've sourced the image from a particular photographer or another cat page, tag them: e.g., "Photo by @CatPhotographer" --- **Engage**: Dedicate the first hour after posting to engage with comments and share user stories of their cats in similar moments. --- **Consider Time and Day**: Based on your audience, post it during the late afternoon when people are winding down from work and are more likely to engage. --- **Stories and Highlights**: Before posting, share a teaser on Stories with a caption like "Something dreamy coming up... Stay tuned! 🐱✨". After posting, save the post to a Highlight titled "Fan Faves". --- **Alt Text**: "Cat looking out a window during the golden hour, surrounded by soft shadows from indoor plants." --- **Location**: Choose a popular cat cafe or cat sanctuary that resonates with your audience, even if the photo wasn't taken there. This can help in attracting a local audience who might be familiar with the place, e.g., "Paws & Whiskers Café". --- Remember: Always be authentic in portraying the love for cats, ensuring that the emotions and moments captured are genuine.
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