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Create unique stories with customized characters, settings, and plots that allow for interactive decision-making and branching narratives.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
46 ($0.00010 / call)
Example input
[character name]: Jacob, [a setting]: who is a magician [goal]:to win a competition [an object]:A mysterious deck of cards that Jacob discovered in a hidden chamber of his magic school. [a complication]:One of Jacob’s biggest rivals, an arrogant and talented magician named Simon, is also competing in the same competition. [a helper]:Jacob’s mentor, a retired magician named Isaac who has won the competition three times in the past. [an obstacle]: Jacob’s debilitating stage fright, which causes him to freeze up and forget his tricks in front of large audiences.
Example output
Jacob stood in the wings, watching as the previous magician took his final bow. It was the final round of the prestigious national magic competition, and Jacob had worked tirelessly for months to get here. He glanced down at his hands, where he held a mysterious deck of cards that he had discovered in a hidden chamber of his magic school. He hoped they would bring him the luck he needed to win the competition. But as he stepped onto the stage, he saw Simon, his biggest rival, grinning at him from the judges’ table. Jacob knew that Simon was a skilled magician, and that he would be a tough competitor to beat. But then he saw Isaac, his mentor, nodding at him from the audience. Isaac had won the competition three times in the past. As Jacob began his first trick, he could feel his hands trembling with nerves. He tried to push the feeling aside and focused on the cards in his hands. As he started to shuffle them, he noticed that one card was slightly bent. He tried to fix it, but it broke in half. Jacob could feel the sweat on his palms and the heat rising to his face. He knew he had to improvise. Thinking quickly, Jacob took out a silk handkerchief and covered the deck of cards. He then slowly pulled the handkerchief away, revealing that the deck had transformed into a bouquet of flowers. The audience gasped in amazement, and Jacob felt a surge of confidence. He continued with his performance, each trick more daring than the last. As he reached the final trick of his performance, Jacob’s stage fright kicked in. He forgot the next step and felt his mind going blank. But then, he remembered Isaac’s words of encouragement, “Believe in yourself and your abilities.” With renewed confidence, Jacob closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and performed the final trick flawlessly. As the audience erupted in applause, Jacob felt a sense of accomplishment wash over him. He had faced his fear and won the competition. Simon congratulated him, acknowledging his impressive performance. Jacob then saw Isaac walking towards him with a proud smile on his face. “You did it, Jacob. You conquered your fear and became a true magician,” Isaac said, placing a hand on Jacob’s shoulder. Jacob grinned, feeling grateful for Isaac’s guidance and for the mysterious deck of cards that brought him good luck. With a newfound confidence, Jacob knew he was ready for his next challenge.
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