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Interior Designer With Midjourney Prompt

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✅It combines AI and design. ✅Instantly comprehend your design ideas. ✅Generates custom design tailored to your unique preferences and requirements. ✅Utilizes an extensive database of architectural and design knowledge for comprehensive proposals. ✅Offers detailed material and product recommendations with links based on design preferences. ✅Streamlines the creative process for professional designers and homeowners alike. ✅Provides Midjourney prompt for visualisation
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
582 ($0.00120 / call)
Example input
living room 4 meters x 5 meters, hardfloor, rectangular shape, small windows youthful (optional) functional requirements: none (optional) specific design elements: none (optional)
Example output
Creating the Perfect Interior Design: Designing a Youthful Living Room Room Description: The living room has a rectangular shape, measuring 4 meters x 5 meters. It features hard flooring and has small windows that let in limited natural light. Design Objectives: - Overall Ambiance: Create a youthful and vibrant atmosphere that reflects the client's personality. - Functional Requirements: None specified. - Specific Design Elements: None specified. Color Scheme and Theme: For the color scheme of the living room, we will opt for a combination of lively and energetic colors to capture the desired youthful ambiance. The primary color scheme will consist of bold and vibrant shades, with accent colors that add depth and interest. Color Choices and Rationale: 1. Main Color: Electric Blue - This bold and vibrant shade will serve as the primary color, instantly adding a youthful and energetic feel to the room. It will be used as a base color on one of the main walls. 2. Complementary Colors: Citrus Yellow and Fuchsia Pink - These lively colors will act as accent colors throughout the room, creating pops of vibrancy and playfulness. They will be incorporated through decorative elements and accessories. 3. Neutral Color: Crisp White - To balance the vibrant colors and prevent the room from feeling overwhelming, we will use crisp white as a neutral color for the remaining walls, ceiling, and larger furniture pieces. Theme: To enhance the overall aesthetic and tie the design elements together, we will incorporate a modern eclectic theme. This theme blends various design styles and allows for the inclusion of diverse decorative elements. Layout and Furniture: Layout: - Against the electric blue accent wall, we will position a sleek and modern gray fabric sofa with a matching coffee table in front of it. - On the opposite side of the room, we will create a cozy reading nook with a comfortable armchair, a floor lamp for adequate lighting, and a small side table for books and beverages. - Adjacent to the reading nook, we will install a low-profile TV stand with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall above it. - A spacious bookshelf will be placed against one of the white walls, serving as a focal point and providing storage for books, decorative items, and personal mementos. - In the center of the room, we will position a round rug with a vibrant pattern, adding a touch of liveliness and defining the seating area. - To optimize the limited natural light, we will place a large mirror on the wall opposite the windows, reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger space. Furniture Recommendations: - Gray Fabric Sofa - Sleek and modern, this sofa offers both comfort and style. - Coffee Table - A contemporary design with a glass top and metal frame, providing a touch of elegance. - Armchair - A cozy and comfortable armchair in a vibrant citrus yellow fabric. - Floor Lamp - A modern floor lamp with an adjustable arm, allowing for focused reading light. - TV Stand - A low-profile TV stand with ample storage for media devices and accessories. - Bookshelf - A sleek and modular bookshelf with adjustable shelves for customization. - Round Rug - A colorful rug with a youthful pattern that adds visual interest. Decorative Elements: To enhance the design of the youthful living room, we will incorporate various decorative elements that contribute to the desired ambiance: Artwork: Hang a series of vibrant and abstract artwork on the walls to add visual interest and a touch of creativity. Opt for pieces that incorporate the chosen color scheme and reflect the client's personality. Lighting Fixtures: Install a combination of pendant lights and wall sconces to provide ambient and task lighting. Choose fixtures with contemporary designs that add a modern and stylish flair to the room. Curtains: Select curtains in a light and airy fabric, such as sheer white or a pale neutral tone. These curtains will allow natural light to filter through while adding a soft and elegant touch to the windows. Rugs: Place a colorful and textured rug underneath the coffee table and another one in the reading nook. These rugs will add warmth, comfort, and visual appeal to the space. Plants: Introduce indoor plants throughout the room to bring a refreshing and natural element. Opt for low-maintenance plants, such as succulents or ferns, placed on shelves, side tables, or in decorative pots. Online Shops for Decorative Elements: - - Offers a wide selection of artwork in various styles and sizes. - - Provides a range of lighting fixtures to suit different design preferences. - - Offers a variety of curtains in different colors and styles. - - Provides an extensive collection of rugs in various patterns, sizes, and materials. - The - Offers a selection of indoor plants and stylish planters. These decorative elements will tie into the overall theme and contribute to the desired youthful ambiance by adding bursts of color, texture, and personality to the living room. Midjourney: Visual Description of the Room The youthful living room bursts with energy and creativity. The focal point of the room is the accent wall painted in electric blue, which instantly catches the eye and sets the vibrant tone. The crisp white walls and ceiling create a clean and fresh backdrop, allowing the colorful elements to shine. A sleek gray fabric sofa and a matching coffee table are positioned against the blue wall, providing a comfortable and stylish seating area. On the opposite side of the room, a cozy reading nook invites relaxation with a citrus yellow armchair, a floor lamp for reading, and a small side table. A low-profile TV stand with a mounted flat-screen TV sits adjacent to the reading nook. Against one of the white walls, a spacious bookshelf showcases personal items, books, and decorative pieces. In the center of the room, a round rug with a vibrant pattern defines the seating area and adds a playful touch. The walls are adorned with a series of abstract artwork that incorporates the chosen color scheme, adding creativity and personality to the space. Pendant lights and wall sconces provide both ambient and task lighting, while light and airy curtains frame the small windows, allowing natural light to filter through. To bring a touch of nature indoors, indoor plants are strategically placed throughout the room, adding a refreshing and lively element. The overall atmosphere is youthful, vibrant, and filled with an eclectic mix of modern design elements. --ar 4:3
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