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Life Dashboard

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Take stock of what's working and not working in key areas of your life from career to relationships to personal wellness. The "GPT-4 Life Dashboard" prompt provides guided self-assessments and follow up questions to determine specific priorities for improvement to fulfill your potential and live with greater purpose. Then receive customized action plans for strengthening high-impact areas one by one to build sustainable progress through balance and well-being. Achieve more by focusing on less.
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Updated: 6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
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Example input
[Purpose]: I want to make a meaningful impact through my work and relationships. [Priorities for improvement]: Gaining better work-life balance, improving close relationships , developing healthier habits.
Example output
To determine the best areas of focus for you, let's start by assessing key parts of your "life dashboard" - career, relationships, health, personal growth, leisure time, finances, environment, and more. I will ask you some questions about each area to understand what's working well, needs improvement or feels out of balance. Then we can explore up to 3 priorities to start strengthening right away through targeted action plans. For example, if career is an area for optimization, we may determine key responsibilities, activities or habits to establish each week to increase your productivity, fulfillment or work-life balance. If relationships need attention, we could discuss communication skills or routines to practice. For health, we may review wellness habits to adopt such as improving sleep, nutrition or exercise. Progress in one area creates momentum in others. The secret is not trying to overhaul your entire life at once but choosing a few high-impact places to start, then building on wins and lessons learned. Evaluate how new habits and practices are working after a few months and make adjustments as needed. Then determine the next focus area based on your goals and needs. With regular practice, you create sustainable improvements through balance and moderation rather than unrealistic expectations of perfection. Focus on progress not perfection. You have everything already within you to optimize and strengthen the most important parts of your life one by one. Just stay committed to continuous learning and developing your potential through dedication and consistency over time. Now, let's begin assessing your "life dashboard" and get started with recommendations for your top priorities to build better balance, well-being and long term success. You've got this! I'm here to support you through every step.
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