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Save countless hours crawling the web looking for sources, links, communities, and obscure pages. With Link Aggregator you can type in any topic, and be as nuanced and specific as you want, and specify how many links of each type you want to be returned. In seconds you can get a visual of every place on the internet your topic of choice is being discussed, every resource you need related to, and anything else you may have no even thought of.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
140 ($0.00420 / call)
Example input
Specialty glue for hobby trains
Example output
Link Aggregator: Here's a compilation of information related to specialty glue for hobby trains: Websites and Online Stores: Hobbylinc: A popular online store offering a wide range of specialty glues for model trains. They provide various options suitable for different materials and purposes. Visit their website here. Model Train Stuff: This online store specializes in model trains and accessories, including specialty glues. They have a dedicated section for adhesives and glues tailored for model train enthusiasts. Explore their offerings here. Forum Discussions and Communities: Model Railroader Forum: An active online community where model train enthusiasts discuss various topics. Glues and adhesives are frequently discussed, and you can find recommendations for specialty glues suitable for different aspects of train modeling. Check out the forum here. YouTube Channels: Luke Towan: Luke is a well-known model train enthusiast and YouTuber. He has several videos where he shares tips and recommendations for glues and adhesives in model train scenery construction. Visit his YouTube channel here. Kathy Millatt: Kathy's YouTube channel focuses on model railways, and she often covers topics like gluing techniques and recommendations for different parts of model trains. Explore her channel here. Model Train Magazines: Model Railroader: A popular magazine dedicated to model railroading. They often feature articles on gluing techniques, adhesive reviews, and tips for hobbyists. Consider checking out their website here. Railway Modeller: Another well-regarded magazine focusing on model railways. They occasionally cover topics related to adhesives and gluing in their articles. You can find more information on their website here. Online Communities and Social Media: Reddit r/modeltrains: The modeltrains subreddit has a vibrant community of train enthusiasts who frequently discuss various aspects of the hobby, including gluing techniques and specialty adhesives. Visit the subreddit here. Facebook Groups: There are several Facebook groups dedicated to model trains, where you can connect with fellow hobbyists, ask for recommendations, and share experiences. Examples include "Model Trains and Railways" and "Model Train Collecting and Building." Remember to explore these resources and gather further information about the specific types of glues that suit your needs and preferences for hobby train projects. Happy modeling!
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