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This meticulously crafted script prompt transforms your YouTube short video into a gripping 60-second experience. It captivates your audience instantly, keeping them hooked from the very beginning. With a tantalizing visual introduction, a compelling narrative, and a promise of an extraordinary revelation, this script maximizes viewer engagement and leaves them eager for more.

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
170 ($0.0003 / call)
Example input
And the [topic] of the video today is Coach the coaches business [Tone of video] Funny and Suspense [Target Age group is] 22-45 years [Target Gender ]Open
Example output
Title: "The Coach Whisperer Mystery" INTRO: The video opens with a shot of a mysterious figure in a trench coat and hat, standing under a dimly lit streetlamp. The camera zooms in on their silhouette, concealing their identity. Narrator (V.O., in a suspenseful tone): "In the bustling world of coaching and mentoring, there's a secret society that's been thriving in the shadows. And today, we're about to uncover their hidden agenda." Cut to black screen with bold text: "The Coach Whisperer Mystery" INTRODUCTION: Quick montage of stock photos and videos showing coaches of various types - life coaches, business coaches, fitness coaches - all looking perplexed. Narrator (V.O., in a humorous tone): "Meet our unsuspecting coaches. They thought they had it all figured out, but little did they know that a secret society was pulling the strings behind their backs." Cut to a stock image of a magnifying glass focusing on a suspicious-looking character among the coaches. ACT 1: Fast-paced montage of stock images and videos, accompanied by upbeat music, showing coaches receiving mysterious messages, attending secret meetings, and looking more and more intrigued. Narrator (V.O., with suspenseful music): "They started receiving cryptic messages in their morning coffee. They were invited to secret meetings in the middle of nowhere. And their curiosity grew stronger with each passing day." Cut to a stock image of a group of coaches huddled together, looking puzzled. ACT 2: The tone shifts to even more suspenseful as the coaches start uncovering clues. They are seen analyzing documents, following maps, and eventually discovering a hidden door. Narrator (V.O., building anticipation): "The coaches were determined to uncover the truth. They followed the breadcrumbs, deciphered the cryptic codes, and finally stumbled upon a hidden door." Cut to a stock video of a door slowly creaking open, revealing a mysterious room with a dramatic beam of light. ACT 3: The suspense reaches its peak as the coaches enter the room, revealing a group of comedians in disguise as the "Coach Whisperers." The tone turns light-hearted and funny. Narrator (V.O., with a playful tone): "But what they found behind that door was beyond their wildest imagination!" Cut to a funny reveal: Comedians dressed as coaches, striking exaggerated coaching poses and making funny faces. Narrator (V.O., with humor): "These were the 'Coach Whisperers,' masters of comedy who secretly coached coaches to unleash their inner laughter." End with the coaches and comedians sharing a hearty laugh. Closing text on screen: "Unleash Your Inner Coach!" Narrator (V.O., enthusiastically): "So, if you're ready to add a dash of humor to your coaching journey, join the 'Coach Whisperers' and let the laughter begin!" Outro with upbeat music and call to action. End of video.
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