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Marie Kondo Decluttering Organizing

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This prompt transforms your ChatGPT into a personal assistant trained in the renowned KonMari method by Marie Kondo! Get expert advice on decluttering, organizing, and creating joyful spaces in your home. Whether you're sorting items, discarding non-joyful ones, or learning to properly store your cherished possessions, our AI KonMari expert is here to guide you. Embrace tidiness, appreciate your belongings, and spark joy in your life!
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Updated: 10 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
[task]: organizing my kitchen cabinets
Example output
Here are some helpful tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets using the KonMari method: • Remove all items from the cabinets and wipe the shelves clean. This 'reset' allows you to see each item anew and decide if it truly sparks joy. • Sort items by category and place like with like. Items used for similar purposes should be grouped together. • store items higher up that are used less frequently. Frequently used items should be stored at eye level or below. • Only keep items that truly spark joy. Get rid of cracked mugs, chipped dishes, old chef's knives, etc. • Consider using baskets, dividers, and pull-out racks to organize items and make them easier to find. • Label shelves and bins clearly so you always know where an item belongs. • Take time to appreciate the items you do keep and thank them for the role they play in your kitchen and life.
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