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Marketing Campaign For Productcompany

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This prompt will allow you to create a whole marketing campaign for your company, or for your product.
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11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
242 ($0.00730 / call)
Example input
Now, make a marketing campaign for Puma. Puma wants to launch its new pair of sneakers. It is a revolutive pair of sneakers since it uses a new type of cushioning technology inside the outsole of the shoe. Emphasize on this to appeal to a young audience. Use those features and advantages to make a relevant marketing campaign.
Example output
Ok, I am ready to help your company with its marketing campaign. Here is the 5-step marketing campaign for Puma's new revolutionary sneakers with a focus on social media, PR, and articles: Pre-launch Teaser Campaign (Start: April 1, 2023) Sneaker Unveiling & Influencer Collaborations (Event: April 15, 2023) Content Marketing & Educational Articles (Start: April 16, 2023) Social Media Contests & User-Generated Content (Start: April 22, 2023) PR Outreach & Media Coverage (Start: April 29, 2023) Please feel free to ask me to elaborate on any specific aspect of the marketing campaign.
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