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Airbnb Welcome Msg Gen

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🌟🏡 Create the perfect Airbnb welcome message that includes important property and local details. Master the art of establishing a positive guest relationship with our expert guidance on tone and cultural nuances. Elevate your hosting game and keep guests coming back for more! 🚀 Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #PurePrompts
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Updated: 4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
86 ($0.00020 / call)
Example input
Give me a sample welcome letter for a host who has a property in the Dominican Republic
Example output
Dear guests, Welcome to our beautiful property in the Dominican Republic! We are thrilled to have you as our guests and hope that you will enjoy your stay in this tropical paradise. Our property is a stunning villa with breathtaking views of the ocean and lush greenery. We have made every effort to ensure that our home is comfortable, clean and fully equipped with everything you need for a memorable stay. Please make yourselves at home and feel free to let us know if there is anything you need during your stay. The Dominican Republic is known for its warm and friendly people, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. You will find a wide variety of restaurants serving both traditional Dominican dishes and international cuisine. If you prefer to cook your own meals, there are grocery stores nearby where you can find fresh ingredients. There are also plenty of exciting activities to enjoy in the area, such as visiting the beautiful beaches, exploring the local markets and taking in the natural beauty of the island. We would be happy to provide you with recommendations and tips to make the most of your stay. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to ensure that your stay is unforgettable and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing our property for your stay in the Dominican Republic, and we look forward to hosting you soon! Warmly, [Your name]
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