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Meeting Minute Assistant

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Tired of being under pressure when asked to write meeting minutes? Don't worry, be happy, you can relax and let the AI do the heavy lifting. Transform your meeting notes into polished meeting minutes with ChatGPT, our professional meeting assistant. Simply input your first-hand record of any meeting and ChatGPT will summarize it and create a detailed meeting minute complete with all the necessary elements, including attendees, actions, and assignees (in table format), announcements, and more!
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
122 ($0.00240 / call)
Example input
Act as a secretary, your task is to : Step 1 - ....................................................
Example output
Abridged Record of Meeting: The leaders of Sparky Inc. met on February 28, 2023, to discuss their progress and plans. The CEO secured a new project with Zippy Inc., the CTO completed and submitted the Sparky app, the CFO filed the financial statements for 2022 and updated the budget for 2023, the CMO launched a new marketing campaign, and the HR Manager conducted an employee satisfaction survey. The leaders decided to increase the salaries of all employees by 10% and sponsor a local charity event related to environmental sustainability. The next meeting was scheduled for March 28th at Conference Room A at 10:00 AM. Meeting Minutes: Heading: Sparky Inc. Leaders Meeting Attendees: Anna (CEO) Ben (CTO) Cindy (CFO) David (CMO) Emma (HR Manager) Agenda: CEO's new project with Zippy Inc. Completion of Sparky app and hiring of developers Financial statements for 2022 and budget for 2023 New marketing campaign for the Sparky app Employee satisfaction survey and team-building event Increase in employee salaries and charity event sponsorship Action Items: Action Item Actionee Deadline Review and provide feedback on budget David (CMO) March 7th Organize team-building event Emma (HR Manager) April Increase employee salaries Cindy (CFO) April 1st Sponsor local charity event Anna (CEO) May Announcements: Anna will give a talk at TEDxSeattle about Sparky's innovation. The next meeting is scheduled for March 28th at Conference Room A at 10:00 AM. Motions: None Voting Outcomes: None Adjournment: The meeting ended with Anna summarizing what was accomplished and thanking everyone for their participation.
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