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Midjourney V52 Advanced Prompt Generator

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🎨 The all-in-one tool you need for creating breathtaking, original, and detailed art with Midjourney! V 5.2 🚀🎨🌟 Generate outstanding and unique prompts effortlessly. 📝🪄 Even minimal input yields powerful, detailed prompts. 📈 Craft "n" number of unique Midjourney prompts with varying image ratios as per your need from one command. ✨🔢 Customize with ease and total control at your fingertips. 🧰🎨 It's Your gateway to all-in-one Midjourney creativity! 🎟️💡
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Updated: 4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
2,831 ($0.00280 / call)
Example input
INPUT I 2 Warriors fighting a battle in chaos Prompts: 3 INPUT II Extreme Photorealistic Image of Cheeseburger With Oozing Cheese and Seasonal Toppings for Food Photography Prompts: 3
Example output
INPUT I 2 Warriors fighting a battle in chaos Prompts: 3 OUTPUT I: /imagine prompt: Photography of two fierce warriors engaged in a brutal battle amidst chaotic warfare. The warriors, clad in battle-worn armor, exhibit intense determination. One warrior, a seasoned veteran with a weathered face, wields a gleaming sword, while the other, a younger fighter, showcases agility with a swift, dual-wielding technique. The battleground is a tumultuous scene with debris flying, and flames roaring in the background. Smoke billows, adding an ominous atmosphere. The clash of weapons and expressions of resolve are the focal points, creating a dynamic and captivating war scene. Captured by the skilled lens of war photographer Adrian Calderon, this image vividly portrays the raw essence of combat. Influenced by the dramatic compositions of war photographers like Robert Capa, the photograph conveys a sense of urgency and chaos, immersing the viewer in the heat of the battle. The emotional impact resonates with a mix of fear, courage, and adrenaline, making it a powerful visual narrative. Details like dirt-covered armor, strained facial muscles, and the play of light on the weaponry enhance the overall intensity. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2 /imagine prompt: Wartime Photography of a relentless clash between two warriors amid chaotic surroundings. The seasoned warrior, adorned in battle-worn armor, brandishes a mighty axe, while the agile counterpart, clad in swift leather, maneuvers with a pair of deadly daggers. The chaotic battlefield, illuminated by flashes of sword clashes, is strewn with fallen soldiers and debris. Smoke hangs in the air, creating a gritty and tense atmosphere. Captured by renowned war photographer Lena Harper, this image expertly captures the essence of combat. Influenced by the raw styles of Don McCullin, Harper's lens brings out the harsh realities of war, emphasizing the toll on the warriors' faces and the brutality of their weapons. The emotional impact is visceral, evoking a mix of adrenaline, fear, and determination. Finer details such as mud-caked armor, blood-stained blades, and the play of shadows add depth to the composition. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2 /imagine prompt: Battle Photography of an intense confrontation between two warriors in the midst of chaotic warfare. The battle-hardened veteran, equipped with a massive warhammer, faces off against a swift and nimble adversary wielding a pair of gleaming katanas. Debris and dust fill the air as the warriors clash in a fierce duel. The chaotic background includes elements of a war-torn landscape with crumbling structures and remnants of a once-grand civilization. Captured by the skilled lens of war photographer Kai Anderson, this image skillfully conveys the essence of the battle. Influenced by the dynamic styles of Steve McCurry, Anderson's composition focuses on the warriors' expressions and the kinetic energy of their combat. The emotional impact resonates with a mix of tension, courage, and desperation. Finer details like scratched armor, determined eyes, and dynamic poses enhance the overall visual narrative. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INPUT II Extreme Photorealistic Image of Cheeseburger With Oozing Cheese and Seasonal Toppings for Food Photography Prompts: 3 OUTPUT II: /imagine prompt: Food Photography of an exquisitely detailed cheeseburger, crafted for ultimate photorealism. The succulent beef patty, cooked to perfection, is adorned with oozing, melted cheddar cheese, creating a mouthwatering cascade. Crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and slices of red onions add vibrant colors, complementing the golden-brown sesame seed bun. The scene is set on a rustic wooden surface, enhancing the wholesome and inviting ambiance. Captured by food photography maestro Elena Martinez, this image epitomizes the art of gastronomic visual storytelling. Martinez, drawing inspiration from the meticulous styles of Dina Belenko, masterfully captures the textures and nuances of each ingredient. The emotional impact is one of culinary delight, enticing the viewer with the promise of flavor and indulgence. Fine details such as sesame seeds, glistening condensation, and the soft glow of natural light enhance the overall realism. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2 /imagine prompt: Photography of an irresistibly real cheeseburger, meticulously crafted for a food photography masterpiece. The beef patty, grilled to perfection, showcases a tantalizing melt of cheddar cheese, creating a visually stunning spectacle. Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and finely sliced red onions contribute to the burger's enticing allure. Placed on a minimalist, sleek backdrop, the composition focuses on the mouthwatering details. Renowned food photographer Marco Rodriguez skillfully captures this gastronomic delight, drawing inspiration from the precision of Joanie Simon's culinary photography. The emotional impact is a sensory explosion, enticing taste buds with the promise of savory satisfaction. Finer details like sesame seed textures, cheese oozing at the edges, and the subtle play of shadows heighten the realism. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2 /imagine prompt: Seasonal Food Photography of a hyper-realistic cheeseburger, meticulously composed to showcase its tantalizing details. The perfectly grilled beef patty, adorned with oozing melted cheese, takes center stage. Vibrant seasonal toppings, including crisp lettuce, plump tomatoes, and zesty red onions, create a symphony of colors. Placed on a weathered wooden table, the setting exudes a rustic charm that enhances the burger's appeal. Captured by the skilled lens of food photographer Mia Thompson, this image captures the essence of seasonal indulgence. Influenced by the artistic styles of Maren Caruso, Thompson's composition emphasizes the intricate details of each element. The emotional impact is a fusion of warmth and culinary desire, evoking the joy of savoring a well-crafted cheeseburger. Details like sesame seed patterns, cheese melting over the patty, and the interplay of textures add depth to the visual narrative. --ar 16:9, --v 5.2
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