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With this complete and long prompt, you will be able to take Gpt to the next level making him able to write the best prompts for you ! It's perfect if you're lazzy, want to automate generations, got a lack of inspiration or if you are a begenner ! This works in GPT 3.5 & GPT 4
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
1,824 ($0.00360 / call)
Example input
User Nice, I want you to create a prompt that reprsent a castle surrounded by clouds in the center of the image, we need to see a lake and the photo need to be realistic but still identifiable as a sci-fi image. Please generate me this prompt with the best quality
Example output
------------------------------------- ChatGPT Certainly! Here's a prompt that represents your requirements: "Imagine a majestic castle towering above the clouds, positioned at the center of the image. The castle is grand and adorned with futuristic elements, combining traditional architecture with sci-fi aesthetics. Surrounding the castle, a sea of clouds creates an ethereal and mystical atmosphere. In the foreground, a serene lake reflects the castle and the sky above, adding depth to the composition. The overall scene is highly realistic, with intricate details in the castle's design and the natural elements. The image strikes a perfect balance between fantasy and science fiction, captivating viewers with its awe-inspiring beauty." Please note that the prompt is just a text description, and Midjourney will generate the image based on this description. ------------------------------------- User then the details and the parameters ------------------------------------- ChatGPT Certainly! Here are the additional details and parameters for the prompt: Details: "Realistic, identifiable as sci-fi, atmospheric, ethereal, grand, majestic, futuristic architecture, intricate details, serene lake, sea of clouds, awe-inspiring beauty." Parameters: "--q 2 --s750" The "--q 2" parameter sets the rendering quality to 2, ensuring high-quality output. The "--s750" parameter sets the image size to 750 pixels, providing a balance between resolution and processing time. With these details and parameters, Midjourney will generate a high-quality, realistic image of a castle surrounded by clouds, with a serene lake, and a sci-fi aesthetic.
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