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"📚 Need to spice up your content? Our text modifier does it! Instantly generate a list of unique modifier phrases to enhance any text. Effortlessly elevate your writing game. At first it seems like it's very simple but as you use the prompt you realize how useful and effective it is. I use it a lot to design my prompts. 📝 #ImproveText."

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3 days ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
96 ($0.0029 / call)
Example input
'[25]' '[video games]'
Example output
Certainly! Here's a list of 25 action phrases for text editors to modify content related to video games: 1. **Clarify Terminology**: Identify and replace industry-specific jargon with plain language. For example, change "MOBA" to "multiplayer online battle arena." 2. **Tone Adjustment**: Adjust the tone from formal to informal or vice versa, depending on the target audience. For instance, change "utilize" to "use" for a more casual tone. 3. **Consistent Tense**: Ensure consistent verb tense throughout the text. Change from present to past tense or vice versa as needed. For example, "Players collect coins" to "Players collected coins." 4. **Pronoun Consistency**: Check for consistent use of pronouns. Replace "he" with "the player" or "they" for clarity if necessary. 5. **Active Voice**: Rewrite passive sentences in active voice for better readability. Convert "The game was won by the team" to "The team won the game." 6. **Vary Sentence Length**: Enhance readability by varying sentence length. Combine short sentences for flow or split long ones for clarity. 7. **Remove Redundancies**: Eliminate redundant phrases or words. For instance, change "advance forward" to simply "advance." 8. **Synonym Replacement**: Replace repetitive words with synonyms to enhance variety. Swap "powerful" for "potent" or "strong." 9. **Parallel Structure**: Ensure parallel structure in lists or comparisons. Modify "The game offers fun, strategy, and you can explore" to "The game offers fun, strategy, and exploration." 10. **Emphasize Key Points**: Use formatting (bold, italics) or sentence structure to highlight key information. Turn "One important feature is..." into "An essential feature:" 11. **Fact Verification**: Fact-check the content and update any outdated or incorrect information. 12. **Citation Insertion**: Add citations or references for statistics, quotes, or factual claims. 13. **Tighten Sentences**: Remove unnecessary words or phrases to make sentences concise. Change "In order to succeed, players must" to "To succeed, players must." 14. **Reorder Paragraphs**: Adjust the sequence of paragraphs for logical flow or thematic relevance. 15. **Change Perspective**: Shift the point of view from first person to third person or vice versa if required. 16. **Audience Focus**: Adapt the text to cater to a specific audience (e.g., beginners, experts, parents). 17. **Improve Transitions**: Enhance the flow between paragraphs by adding transition words or phrases like "Furthermore," "In contrast," or "However." 18. **Localize Content**: Translate or adapt the text for a different geographical or cultural audience. 19. **Add Visual Descriptions**: Include descriptions of in-game visuals, characters, or settings for a more immersive experience. 20. **Adjust Tonal Voice**: Alter the author's voice from casual to formal, friendly to authoritative, etc., depending on the context. 21. **Check Grammar and Punctuation**: Review for proper grammar, punctuation, and consistency in punctuation style (e.g., AP style, Chicago style). 22. **Censor Profanity**: If necessary, replace or censor profanity or offensive language with appropriate alternatives. 23. **Improve Clarity**: Clarify ambiguous sentences or concepts to ensure readers easily understand the content. 24. **Update for Latest Versions**: Update information to reflect the latest versions or developments in the game, if applicable. 25. **Engage the Reader**: Enhance engagement by using questions, anecdotes, or rhetorical devices where appropriate. These action phrases should provide a comprehensive set of tools for text editors to modify video game-related content effectively.
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