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Monthly Social Media Calendar

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Create a detailed monthly content calendar for social media with this simple template.
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10 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
159 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
[days] = days [business] = La Croix
Example output
Post # Post Suggested Image 1 Stay refreshed and invigorated with LaCroix! Our sparkling water is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying a picnic in the park, LaCroix will keep you hydrated and satisfied. Cheers to a healthier, happier you! #StayRefreshed #HealthyHydration Image: A vibrant, colorful image of a person holding a LaCroix can while engaging in physical activity, such as jogging or doing yoga. 2 Looking for a delicious and guilt-free beverage? Look no further than LaCroix! Our refreshing sparkling water comes in a variety of flavors, including lemon, lime, grapefruit, and more. Say goodbye to sugary sodas and hello to a healthier choice. Join the LaCroix revolution today! #RefreshingChoices #GoodbyeSoda Image: A visually appealing image showcasing different LaCroix flavors with vibrant fruits, such as slices of lemon, lime, and grapefruit, in the background. 3 Life is full of little moments that deserve a special touch. Make every occasion memorable with LaCroix! Whether it's a family gathering, a cozy night in, or a celebration with friends, our sparkling water adds a refreshing twist to any event. Raise a can of LaCroix and cheers to making memories! #MemorableMoments #RefreshinglySpecial Image: An elegant image featuring a beautifully set table with glasses of LaCroix placed strategically alongside decorative elements like flowers and candles. 4 Craving something fizzy and flavorful? Look no further than LaCroix! Our bubbly beverages are free from calories, sweeteners, and sodium, making them a guilt-free choice for your taste buds. Experience the burst of natural fruit essence with every sip. Indulge in LaCroix and treat yourself! #FizzAndFlavor #GuiltFreeIndulgence Image: A close-up image of a LaCroix can, showcasing the sparkling bubbles and a slice of fruit relevant to the flavor, like a lime slice for lime-flavored LaCroix. 5 LaCroix: the perfect addition to your favorite cocktails! Elevate your mixology game with our range of sparkling water flavors. From classic combinations like LaCroix and vodka to creative mocktails, the possibilities are endless. Discover a new twist on your favorite drinks with LaCroix! #MixologyMagic #SparklingTwists Image: A captivating image featuring a beautifully garnished cocktail glass with a LaCroix can beside it, accompanied by colorful fruits and herbs that complement the flavor combination. These five posts are designed to generate maximum engagement on Twitter by incorporating relevant hashtags, emphasizing the unique selling points of LaCroix, and creating a sense of lifestyle and enjoyment. Each post provides valuable information about LaCroix without explicitly mentioning discounts or new products, ensuring a more organic and engaging approach to social media marketing. The suggested images are carefully chosen to enhance the visual appeal and capture the essence of each post's message.
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