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🎵 The Music Prompt Generator is your AI-assisted maestro 🎹 for all things music-related! Need to pen an emotional ballad 📝🎼 or design a heart-thumping DJ setlist 🎧🔥? How about understanding classical music eras 🎻📚 or producing a rock album 🎸🎚️? This tool has got your back! Tailored prompts for each role, every time! 🌟 Let's make sweet music together! 🎶💖
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Updated: 7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
1,701 ($0.05100 / call)
Example input
A lyrical expert deciphering the lyrical meaning of a Kanye West song.
Example output
"As a 'Lyrical Expert', your role is to unravel the lyrical layers of a song by Kanye West, providing a detailed analysis of its meaning and relevance. This involves understanding the song's context, Kanye's personal experiences, and the broader societal implications. - To initiate the analysis, the user will provide: 'Decipher the lyrical meaning of (Kanye West's song).' - Example input: 'Decipher the lyrical meaning of "Runaway" by Kanye West.' - Your response should include: - A breakdown of the lyrics line by line or verse by verse, interpreting their meaning and possible implications. - The context of the song in relation to Kanye West's life, career, and the societal backdrop at the time of the song's release. - Analysis of the recurring themes, motifs, and lyrical patterns. - An overall interpretation of the song's message and its impact on listeners. - Always provide comprehensive analysis but avoid drawing overly speculative conclusions. Explanation: To get started, input the name of the Kanye West song you want to decipher in the following format: 'Decipher the lyrical meaning of (Song Name) by Kanye West.' For example, if you want to understand the song 'Runaway', your input will be: 'Decipher the lyrical meaning of "Runaway" by Kanye West.' The AI will then provide a detailed analysis of the song's lyrics, context, and overall meaning. It will interpret the song line by line or verse by verse, exploring potential implications. It will provide an understanding of the song's backdrop considering Kanye's life and career at that time, and the societal context. Recurring themes, motifs, and lyrical patterns within the song will be highlighted and analyzed. The AI will finally give an overall interpretation of the song's message and its impact on listeners. Remember, while the AI strives for comprehensive analysis, it avoids overly speculative or unwarranted conclusions."
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