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Never Waste Time Organizing Notes Again

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This prompt is a gamechanger for professionals who spend hours listening to meetings and distilling key takeaways. It leverages ChatGPT's advanced language capabilities to analyze meeting recordings, notes, and materials. Then it synthesizes the most vital information into a robust yet concise executive summary. The AI handles the tedious work - carefully listening to discussions, accurately capturing critical decisions, and concisely articulating action items.
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
291 ($0.00870 / call)
Example input
\[Meeting title\]: Weekly Operations Review \[Date\]: February 15, 2023 \[Attendees\]: Tom, Sarah, Jamie \[Relevant materials\]: agenda, recordings, notes \[Industry\]: Software This allows the buyer to customize the key details like meeting name, date, participants, materials to review, and industry context. The input gives a sense of how the prompt can be adapted to summarize the buyer's specific meeting based on the information provided.
Example output
Weekly Operations Review - February 15, 2023 Overview: - Reviewed latest sales forecasts, supply chain issues, and customer feedback - Discussed options to improve customer retention and inventory management - Agreed on new pricing strategy for high-end products - Assigned leads for QA testing expansion and vendor negotiation Key Decisions: - Reduce price by 10% for premium subscriptions - Expand QA team by hiring 2 additional staff - Transition to just-in-time inventory system by Q2 - Renegotiate terms with parts supplier ACME Corp Follow-Ups: - Tom to update pricing guidebooks by Monday - Jamie to draft job descriptions for new QA roles by Thursday - Sarah to contact ACME Corp and report on status next week The preview demonstrates how the prompt outputs a comprehensive yet concise summary covering the key details, decisions, and action items from the meeting in an easy-to-digest format.
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