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✍️ Discover the ultimate synopsis tool! 📖 Have a plot in mind but struggling to flesh it out? Input plot, characters, and tone, and receive an engaging synopsis and a unique title. Ideal for writers seeking inspiration or publishers eager to add that special touch to their stories. 🌟 From dark to romantic, from fantasy to adventure, turn your ideas into literary masterpieces. Boost your creativity today! 🚀
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7 months ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
General Plot: A hidden underground city, untouched by the outside post-apocalyptic world, faces its first existential threat when its protective barrier starts to fail. Key Characters: - Lila, a young engineer with untested ideas. - Aran, the city's leader resistant to change. - Syl, an outsider who accidentally discovers the city. Desired Tone: Suspenseful and mysterious.
Example output
**Title:** "Veil of Shadows" **Synopsis:** Beneath the scorched surface of a post-apocalyptic world lies a marvel of human ingenuity: Veloria, a hidden underground city that has remained untouched and unspoiled for generations. Its citizens live in blissful ignorance of the wasteland above, shielded by an advanced protective barrier known only as "The Veil." But as the years have gone by, complacency has seeped into its walls. Lila, a bright-eyed engineer with a penchant for radical ideas, has long suspected that The Veil is not as infallible as the city's legends suggest. When she detects a glitch—a minuscule, but growing, flaw—her warnings are dismissed by Veloria's leadership, notably Aran, the stern city leader who values tradition over innovation. To him, The Veil has safeguarded Veloria for centuries and will continue to do so. Lila's ideas are seen as nothing more than the reckless musings of youth. But then the unexpected happens: Syl, a curious wanderer from the surface, stumbles upon Veloria, breaching its boundaries with alarming ease. His tales of the desolate world above sow seeds of unease among the residents. How did he get past The Veil? And more importantly, what if others find their way in too? As tensions rise and the glitch in The Veil worsens, Lila and Syl form an unlikely alliance. They delve into the forbidden archives of Veloria, searching for a solution that might save their sanctuary. But with Aran's skepticism and the weight of a city's expectations bearing down on them, the pair must confront not just the imminent collapse of The Veil but also the deep-seated fears and traditions that bind the citizens of Veloria. In a race against time, they will uncover dark secrets, face challenging choices, and ultimately decide whether Veloria’s salvation lies in its isolation or in opening its doors to the new world above. "Veil of Shadows" is a suspenseful journey into the depths of human resilience, the danger of ignorance, and the power of change.
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