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🎯 From novels to children's tales, from short stories to epic narratives – this prompt supports all! 📚 Novels 🧸 Children's Books 📖 Short Stories 📕 Long Stories Designed to assist you in crafting an hour-and-a-half long book from just a snippet, this structured approach ensures ChatGPT doesn't stray from your intended narrative.

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4 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
420 ($0.0126 / call)
Example input
I'm writing a novel titled "[Escape from Normalcy]".
Example output
Chapter 1: "Roots of Desperation" Subchapter A: "The Unease" As the family began to eat their dinner, the tension in the room was palpable. The food was delicious, as always, but each bite seemed to stick in their throats. The husband attempted to lighten the mood with a joke, but it fell flat. The son tried to focus on his meal, but his eyes kept darting to the window, half-expecting to see a face staring back. The wife, despite her best efforts to keep the conversation going, could not shake off the feeling of dread. Subchapter B: "Nightfall" As darkness descended upon Fenton, Missouri, the once familiar surroundings began to take on a sinister edge. The trees cast long, eerie shadows that danced with the wind. The moon, usually a comforting presence, seemed cold and distant. The family, once secure in their well-loved home, now felt exposed and vulnerable. Subchapter C: "The Intrusion" It started as a faint hum, barely perceptible. The family dismissed it as a trick of the mind, but it persisted, growing louder and more persistent. Then came the flashes of light, bright and blinding, piercing the darkness. The son was the first to react, rushing to the window to see where they were coming from. What he saw made his blood run cold. A strange, pulsating object was hovering over their lawn, casting an otherworldly glow over their house. Subchapter D: "The Unknown" The husband, wife, and their son stood frozen, their dinner forgotten, their minds struggling to comprehend what they were witnessing. The object seemed to defy the laws of physics, hovering without any visible means of support, humming in a frequency that seemed to resonate with their very being. They were ordinary people leading ordinary lives, unprepared for anything out of the ordinary. And yet, the unknown had come knocking at their door, threatening to upend their world. As the family grapples with their new reality, they will be forced to make choices that will challenge their understanding of the world and their place in it. Their journey has only just begun. The roots of their desperation, planted firmly in the soil of their mundane existence, are about to sprout into an unimaginable adventure. The end is nowhere in sight.
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