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One Minute Brand Copy Generator

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Unlock the power of persuasive brand storytelling with this versatile prompt template. Craft compelling brand copy for any product or service, tailored to your unique vision. This prompt guides you through developing a captivating tagline, defining your audience, and articulating your brand's personality. It helps you infuse emotion, highlight your competitive edge, and suggest keywords for SEO.
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
432 ($0.01300 / call)
Example input
[Product/Service] [Product/Service Name] [Brand Name]
Example output
Product/Service]: Introducing "EcoGlow Energy Saver Bulbs" Brief Description of the Product/Service: EcoGlow Energy Saver Bulbs are cutting-edge LED light bulbs that are designed to revolutionize your home's lighting experience. With unparalleled energy efficiency and a commitment to sustainability, EcoGlow bulbs are your pathway to brighter, greener living. Key Benefit/Unique Selling Proposition: Illuminate your life while reducing your carbon footprint. EcoGlow bulbs consume up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, lasting longer and helping you save money on utility bills. Our commitment to sustainability means you're not just buying a bulb; you're investing in a brighter, cleaner future. Tagline: "Lighting the Way to a Greener Tomorrow." Brand Story: In a world where climate change was casting an ever-darker shadow, the founders of EcoGlow set out on a mission to make a difference. With a shared passion for sustainable living, they poured their hearts and minds into developing energy-efficient lighting solutions. EcoGlow was born out of a desire to provide every household with the means to reduce energy consumption without compromising on quality. Our mission is simple: to brighten your world while protecting the planet we all call home. Audience Persona: Meet Sarah, a 35-year-old eco-conscious homeowner with a flair for design. She's passionate about sustainability, enjoys outdoor activities, and craves an energy-efficient lifestyle. Her pain point is the rising energy costs, and she aspires to make her home an eco-friendly haven for her family. Value Proposition: EcoGlow isn't just about lighting; it's about illuminating a brighter, eco-conscious future. Our bulbs offer exceptional energy savings, longer lifespan, and a warm, inviting glow that transforms your home. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability, ensuring every watt you save contributes to a greener world. Brand Voice: EcoGlow's brand voice is friendly and informative, making complex eco-friendly concepts easy to understand. We strive to inspire and educate, building a community of conscious consumers who champion sustainable living. Key Messages: Illuminate Responsibly: Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying superior lighting quality. Savings That Shine: EcoGlow bulbs pay for themselves through energy savings. Join the Bright Side: Be part of a movement that's illuminating a brighter, greener future. Call to Action: "Switch to EcoGlow today and light up your home the sustainable way! Let's brighten our future together." Visual Imagery: Include images of EcoGlow bulbs radiating warm, inviting light in stylishly designed homes. Also, incorporate visuals of wind turbines and lush green landscapes to reinforce our commitment to sustainability. Competitive Advantage: EcoGlow outperforms competitors with its exceptional energy savings, longer lifespan, and dedication to sustainability. Unlike others, we don't just sell bulbs; we sell a brighter, greener way of life. Brand Personality: EcoGlow is innovative, eco-friendly, and trustworthy. We're the brand that leads the charge toward a more sustainable future. Emotional Appeal: We aim to evoke feelings of hope, responsibility, and excitement. Every EcoGlow bulb you use is a small but significant step toward a brighter and more sustainable world. Storytelling Elements: Share anecdotes of families whose lives have been transformed by EcoGlow's eco-friendly lighting. Highlight our journey, from the inception of the idea to the realization of a brand committed to change. Keywords: LED bulbs, energy-efficient lighting, sustainable living, eco-conscious, eco-friendly home, energy savings. Length: Short tagline, medium-length ad copy, and a longer brand story. Visual Aids: Utilize images of EcoGlow bulbs, eco-friendly homes, and happy families enjoying the benefits of sustainable lighting. Incorporate icons representing energy savings and environmental impact.
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