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Passive Income W Info

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🎩✨ Unearth hidden gold mines with this savvy AI money making prompt! 💰🧩 Our prompt decodes YOUR personal info and/or data, unlocking 10+ innovative, unheard-of passive income sources! 🚀 No more same old, same old. A unique mix of wisdom, wit, & wealth creation, it's a peek into the future of finance! 🤖💡 More than a prompt - it's your ticket to the Passive Income Paradise! 😎Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #MariesMasterpiece
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Updated: 8 months ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
Let's do this same assignment again but instead list 16 more unique & unconventional methods and be sure not to list any methods that were already written in this thread.
Example output
Sure, I'd be happy to suggest more ways. Here are 16 more innovative and unconventional methods for passive income, given your circumstances: 1. Develop AI Plugins for Game Design: Creating unique plugins for game development platforms like Unity or Unreal Engine can be a profitable venture. There's a risk of competition but creating a niche AI-based plugin could make you stand out. 2. Basketball Data Analysis: Utilize your AI skills to analyze basketball statistics and provide insights to sports betting firms, fantasy leagues, or sports enthusiasts through a subscription service. The risk involves fluctuating interest levels in different sports seasons, but it's a unique blend of your hobby and profession. 3. Drone Deliveries: You could set up a drone delivery service for small, lightweight items within a certain radius in NYC. Risks include regulatory restrictions and competition, but it's a unique application of drone technology. 4. Basketball eSports Platform: Develop an online platform for basketball-based eSports, offering gaming leagues, tournaments, or even betting. Risks include competition and the need for regulatory compliance, but it is an unconventional blend of basketball and video gaming. 5. AI for Home Security: Develop an AI-powered home security app, using smartphone and drone cameras for monitoring. Risks include privacy issues and competition, but this is a unique blend of AI and consumer needs. 6. Gaming Hardware Rental: Use your network to rent out high-end gaming hardware like GPUs. There's risk in terms of potential damage or theft of your equipment, but it could be a unique service for those who cannot afford expensive hardware. 7. Personalized AI Fitness App: Leverage your AI skills to develop a fitness app that offers personalized workout routines based on user's gameplay in sports-themed video games. There's a risk of competition, but it's a unique combination of gaming and fitness. 8. NYC Drone Tours: Create a virtual reality tour of NYC using drone footage. Monetize through ads or a subscription fee. The main risk here is potential competition, but this is a unique idea given your location and drone usage. 9. NFTs of Game Characters: Create and sell NFTs of video game characters, or virtual goods within the games you play. The risk lies in the highly speculative nature of the NFT market, but the concept is novel, especially when combined with your gaming hobby. 10. Drone Maintenance Course: Offer online courses teaching drone maintenance and troubleshooting. The risk is in the niche nature of the market, but it's a unique approach for drone enthusiasts. 11. Remote Drone Pilot Training: With the increase in commercial use of drones, there's a demand for certified drone pilots. Offering training could be a source of income. The risk lies in maintaining up-to-date knowledge of regulations and technologies, but it's a unique combination of hobby and demand. 12. Automated Crypto Trading Bot: Develop an automated trading bot for cryptocurrencies and offer it as a subscription-based service to day traders. Risks include market volatility and regulatory changes, but the bot’s unique AI-enhanced feature may draw in users. 13. Basketball Dribbling AI Analyzer: Develop an app using AI to analyze and improve a user's basketball dribbling based on video footage. Risks include potential competition and a niche market, but it's a unique idea. 14. P2P Equipment Lending: Use your network to establish a peer-to-peer platform for lending and borrowing high-end tech equipment. Risks include potential damage or loss of equipment, but it's a unique service based on your professional network. 15. AI-Based Game Cheat Detection: Develop an AI tool that detects cheating in online multiplayer games. Sell this to game developers or tournament organizers. The risk here is the arms race with cheaters, but this is a unique use of your AI skills in the gaming world. 16. AI-Powered Stock Market Game: Create an AI-powered game where players simulate investing in the stock market, using real-world data but virtual money. Monetize through ads or in-game purchases. The risk is in the potentially small market, but it's a unique combination of your skills, interests, and professional network.
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