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This prompt helps you to create the perfect PowerPoint presentation. Insert your 'topic' and 'sub-topic' and you're ready to go! You will receive a detailed and structured concept for your PowerPoint presentation. This includes suggestions for relevant statistics and other data. The only thing you have to do is look-up the actual data and insert it into the concept. Afterwards you copy/paste it into the PowerPoint slides suggested by ChatGPT and you're done!
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Updated: 1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
193 ($0.00040 / call)
Example input
:topic: = ‘[topic]’. :sub-topic: = ‘[sub-topic] ’. :topic: = ‘War in Ukraine’. :sub-topic: = ‘Civilian Casualties’.
Example output
Title: War in Ukraine: Civilian Casualties Slide 1: Introduction - Title: War in Ukraine: Civilian Casualties - Background information on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine - Briefly mention the impact on civilian population - Engaging visuals related to the topic Slide 2: Scope of the Conflict - Overview of the conflict's duration and involved parties - Map highlighting the regions affected by the war - Data on the number of displaced civilians Slide 3: Definition of Civilian Casualties - Define civilian casualties in the context of armed conflicts - Emphasize the importance of protecting non-combatants - Examples of different types of civilian casualties (e.g., deaths, injuries, displacement) Slide 4: Impact on Civilian Population - Statistics on the overall impact of the war on civilians - Template: "Since the start of the conflict in [year], [number] of civilians have been affected." - Visual representation of affected civilians (e.g., pie chart or bar graph) Slide 5: Deaths and Injuries - Breakdown of civilian deaths and injuries caused by the war - Template: "The number of civilian deaths has reached [number], accounting for [percentage] of total casualties." - Template: "Approximately [percentage] of civilians have suffered injuries." - Comparison of casualties between different phases of the conflict Slide 6: Targeting of Civilian Infrastructure - Discuss the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure (e.g., hospitals, schools, residential areas) - Visuals depicting destruction caused by attacks on civilian infrastructure - Template: "Over [number] of civilian infrastructure facilities have been damaged or destroyed." Slide 7: Psychological Impact - Highlight the psychological toll of the war on civilians - Template: "About [percentage] of the affected population shows signs of psychological distress." - Mention the long-term consequences on mental health and well-being Slide 8: Humanitarian Crisis - Discuss the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict - Template: "An estimated [number] of people are in need of humanitarian assistance." - Visuals illustrating the living conditions of internally displaced persons (IDPs) Slide 9: International Response and Humanitarian Aid - Overview of international efforts to address the crisis - Template: "Humanitarian organizations have provided [number] of people with food, shelter, and medical aid." - Mention the challenges and gaps in delivering aid to affected civilians Slide 10: Conclusion and Call to Action - Summarize the main points of the presentation - Template: "The war in Ukraine has caused significant civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis." - Encourage the audience to take action or support relevant organizations - Closing statement and contact information for the presenter Note: The above structure provides a framework for the PowerPoint presentation on the topic of "War in Ukraine: Civilian Casualties." You can insert relevant data, numbers, and percentages into the templates provided to create a comprehensive and informative presentation. Remember to use engaging visuals, such as images, charts, and graphs, to enhance the audience's understanding and retention of the information.
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