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📚 Professional Summarization Prompt Get precise and comprehensive summaries for any text with our summarization prompt. We ensure: 📝 Detailed and clear summaries. 🎯 Focus on main ideas. 📖 Strict reliance on source text. 👁️ Clarity and conciseness. 📃 Easy-to-read format. Optimize your understanding and save time today!
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
153 ($0.00460 / call)
Example input
[text]: content that you want to summarize
Example output
The text provides a comprehensive summary of various updates and features in WatchOS 10 for the Apple Watch. It discusses the introduction of widgets called smart stacks, changes to the side button and control center, redesigns of first-party apps, the addition of topographic maps and elevation alerts for hiking, updates to Apple Fitness Plus, the ability to connect to Bluetooth accessories for cyclists, new watch faces, and various other features such as logging mental states and moods, leaving FaceTime voicemails, and optimizing charge limits. The text also mentions the supported devices and advises against installing the beta version on older devices. The author, Daniel Toro, suggests checking out a video showcasing the features of iOS 17 and Apple Vision Pro.
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