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Take your Prompt sales to the next level on Promptbase with GPT-3 as your automation tool for titles and descriptions. Simply input a brief summary of your prompt and let GPT-3 do the rest. With a unique and compelling title that drives Prompt sales and a detailed and persuasive description that attracts potential buyers, you'll increase your sales on Promptbase. Don't miss the opportunity to boost your sales.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
264 ($0.00530 / call)
Example input
"Create a sales-optimized title and description for a prompt that generates creative writing prompts for fiction writers."
Example output
Sales-Optimized Title: "Unleash Your Imagination: Get Creative Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers" Detailed and Appealing Description: "Unlock your creative potential and unleash your imagination with our innovative writing prompts for fiction writers. Designed to inspire new ideas and stimulate your writing, these prompts are perfect for authors looking to take their writing to the next level. Whether you're an experienced writer looking for a new challenge, or just starting out, our prompts will help you tap into your creativity and bring your stories to life. With a focus on imaginative storytelling, this prompt is your key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Start writing today and let your imagination run wild!" Detailed Prompt Instruction: Step 1: Access OpenAI's Playground ( Step 2: Input the following code into the Playground code editor: { "model": "text-davinci-002", "prompt": "Generate creative writing prompts for fiction writers", "max_tokens": 500, "temperature": 0.7 } Step 3: Click on the "Run" button to generate the creative writing prompts. Step 4: Copy the generated output and save it as a JSON file. Step 5: Install the GPT-3 JSON code on your system, following the instructions provided in the OpenAI documentation. Note: For best results, experiment with different temperature values to find the one that works best for your use case. You can also try adjusting the max_tokens value to generate longer or shorter prompts, depending on your needs.
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