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Updated: 8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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476 ($0.01430 / call)
Example input
[Primary Objective] - "Encourage young adults to opt for electric vehicles (EVs) over traditional gasoline cars."
Example output
**Campaign Proposal: Drive the Future. Choose EV. ** --- **Context: Historical campaigns such as Apple's "Think Different" ads in the 90s celebrated those who went against the grain and showcased innovation as cool and aspirational. The campaign resonated with a generation keen on making their mark. Similarly, we wish to position EVs as the vehicle choice for the forward-thinking youth. **Content Creation: * **Visuals: Start with a dynamic shot of an electric car cruising in the city with skylines bearing clear blue skies. Intermingle with animations showing shrinking carbon footprints as the car moves. Culminate with a futuristic cityscape dominated by EVs. * **Testimonials: Feature young EV owners sharing brief snippets about their experience. “It’s not just a car, it’s a statement.”, “Driving my EV feels like I’m part of the future.”, etc. * **Cultural Nods: Showcase clips from recent movies or music videos where EVs are prominent. Maybe a scene where a popular musician drives one or an iconic movie moment featuring an EV. * **Music: A catchy electro track that resonates with the futuristic theme and keeps viewers engaged. --- **Counterarguments & Preemption: 1. **Cost: "EVs are expensive." - Highlight tax incentives, lower maintenance costs, and savings on fuel. Also, emphasize affordable EV options in the market. 2. **Infrastructure: "Not enough charging stations." - Display maps showing growing EV infrastructure in urban areas and mention fast charging capabilities. 3. **Range Anxiety: "EVs don’t go far on a single charge." - Quote the impressive range of new models and the quickness of fast charging. --- **Engagement Tactics: 1. **Interactive Polls: On Instagram, use polls such as "Ready to drive the future?" with options "Yes, EV-ready!" and "Still thinking." 2. **Challenges: On TikTok, encourage users to share clips of their EV experiences with a hashtag like #DriveTheFuture for a chance to get featured. --- **Feedback Mechanisms: 1. **Surveys: After the video is viewed, provide a short survey link asking viewers their opinion on EVs pre- and post-campaign. 2. **Comments: Encourage viewers to comment on what they think about EVs and if the campaign influenced their perspective. --- **Distribution Strategy: * **Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with college influencers and green tech enthusiasts to share the video and add personal anecdotes. * **Geo-targeted Ads: Focus on running ads in urban regions and around college campuses. * **Cross-posting: Share content on both Instagram and TikTok for maximum reach. --- **Legal Considerations: 1. **Permissions: Ensure all footage, especially from movies or music videos, has the necessary licensing. 2. **Testimonials: Ensure all participants give written consent to feature their statements. --- **Ethical Considerations: * **Transparency: While the aim is to persuade, avoid any false claims about EVs. Stick to verifiable benefits and features. * **Inclusion: When sourcing testimonials, ensure diverse representation to make the campaign relatable to a broader audience. --- **Revision Suggestions: * For a variant, consider a “Day in the Life” video with an EV owner showcasing the ease and benefits of daily driving. * If the futuristic tone isn’t resonating, pivot to a "green and serene" theme focusing on nature and the environmental benefits. --- **Metrics of Success: 1. **Engagement Metrics: Track likes, shares, comments, and views. 2. **Conversion Metrics: Offer a link to EV information or discounts which can show direct influence. 3. **Hashtag Usage: Monitor the usage of the campaign hashtag to gauge organic engagement. --- ** In conclusion, by positioning EVs as the choice for innovative and forward-thinking youth, this campaign seeks to harness cultural trends and emotional appeal to drive positive sentiment and adoption rates among young adults. **
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