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Quick Meeting Summary From Video Script

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11 months ago

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Example input
------------------- A BUSINESS MEETING SAMPLE OF A COMPANY STAFF ---------------------- {{Video Script}} = [0:04 everyone thank you for being here good 0:09 morning hey how are you yeah I'm doing 0:12 well I heard that you went on vacation 0:15 how was it oh very fantastic where did 0:18 you go 0:19 Paris well specialist yeah okay before 0:23 we start make sure that you have or the 0:26 copy of the agenda yeah you have it 0:31 right yeah let me show you okay okay so 0:48 our focus today of the meeting is to 0:51 discuss about our new market because as 0:54 you know our product let's see you can 0:58 see from the graph our sale they keep 1:00 going going up every day from January 1:04 2007 until October so I think it's like 1:07 it will be good if we like expand our 1:10 market what do you think about it I 1:13 think we should expand our market 1:15 planning to overseas so that we can get 1:18 more customer and 1:21 but if we like we like do go overseas 1:25 big country to drill a export our 1:28 products for exportation that is really 1:51 nice I get you like import our product 1:54 kill us or European country like you 1:57 came because and we know that the 1:59 foreigner like they're really crazy 2:01 about having tan skin but for Asian 2:04 countries like shine arms Koreans or 2:07 Japan 2:08 I don't think so because they like they 2:11 want to have white skin 2:12 it'd be like a spot or expand our market 2:15 there you will not kill on top of it 2:17 moreover like they believe they strong 2:20 strongly believe in their culture that 2:23 we should have white skins like if you 2:26 bring you good luck something like that 2:29 yeah okay so we move to the market 2:35 tragedy as you know our market is all in 2:39 focus under 30 to 40 is your own 2:41 movement should be looking for a new 2:44 market target 2:48 the 3248 it okay but issues for Cosmo 2:55 billion great aloud 17 to 22 inches it's 3:02 becoming more popular than before and 3:06 what are people gonna think that times 3:09 can be very attractive to other people 3:12 okay I really like your idea like you 3:15 know focus on the oh oh oh consumer and 3:19 looking for a new customer target but 3:21 I'm not sure that the young like 17 to 3:25 22 do do they have money to buy our 3:28 product because as you know our product 3:31 Italy while actually yeah yeah so we 3:35 should put our products in the mass 3:37 market in Bishop can sell price in 3:40 different levels whether it be a little 3:42 middle and high price and to attach a 3:45 little younger customer we have to set 3:48 the price to be more achiever and 3:50 affordable for those who are student who 3:52 and who are like a worker who have like 3:57 average income all over and I think to 4:00 do so we have more like profit and 4:04 growth of the company okay 4:09 I think that we should create a small 4:12 slide because some people might want to 4:15 try before buy a big one but wanted to 4:18 wait that really nice idea for of you 4:24 okay we will bill cultural like we 4:28 should be the new ambassadors because 4:31 our market will expand to the 4:33 international so I would like your idea 4:36 what we should be so I think this is the 4:49 best PR technique to be a famous mmm 4:54 absolutely agree with you we had a 4:56 because she had tan skin and she very 4:59 famous so he have lot of fan so maybe 5:02 they're fabulous 5:03 bloody crazy with our products Tel Aviv 5:21 is also okay but the problem is when I 5:24 am busy early intensity in our that 5:27 ambassador should be like half that can 5:29 skin tell us yeah he quite popular but 5:32 she don't she don't have like bow skin 5:35 to show the bad image our products yes 5:39 for me 5:40 congenial and finish she is our welder 5:44 time are the teenager and she has a lot 5:47 of followers on her Instagram so I think 5:51 her influence can draw the young to time 5:56 or chorus okay there's really no point 6:00 to be called Kali tanner is like the 6:02 idol of the the young me for me I 6:07 success for a guy things like Efrain as 6:10 his event is a huge experiment so I 6:12 think he saw our product of that that is 6:16 really nice idea because I don't have in 6:19 my dad like the guy can build prisons or 6:22 optical scheme that we have their three 6:25 person in all my now stack abroad and 6:28 Kylie and we Hannah okay 6:31 we will talk this in the neck meaty 6:34 mm-hmm come to the last part okay before 6:37 that could you tell me if we go beyond 6:40 mental me okay okay 6:42 as you know people like introduce our 6:45 product new market with promotion that 6:49 we can grab our customer attention in my 6:53 opinion I think we just play 6:57 three to the new target life so which we 7:00 should give a favor product to people 7:03 who buy our products and give a 20% 7:06 discount 7:08 morning fine doesn't matter okay I agree 7:12 with you that we will give their sample 7:14 products and there's more packing but I 7:17 don't agree with the 20% discount 7:19 because if you cause a lot to our 7:22 company it gives me anything we have to 7:26 finish this topic zombie City run in 20 7:29 minute and we have our line just 15 7:32 minutes to in this okay okay I would 7:36 like me karate like sum up what we have 7:41 thought today what we agree or disagree 7:44 with this meetings to make understanding 7:47 to is of you alright so we have talked 7:51 about spreading all your products in 7:53 your countries the United States England 7:56 Germany Australia and Philippines and as 7:59 for attacking market normally we focus 8:01 on working it but now we try to focus on 8:04 a new group which is teenagers and now 8:06 we will also share our premium product 8:09 to mass product because mass market is 8:11 easy for us to get into it and we will 8:14 set our priced cheaper than before so 8:17 the next ambassador for our new market 8:19 will be considered in the next meeting 8:21 finally our new promotion is that we 8:24 would give product example and washer 8:26 for customers okay do you have an 8:29 equation ok thank you for today 8:33 [Music] ]
Example output
------------------------- SAMPLE OUTPUT --------------------------- Parsing and Analyzing Video Script: Speakers Identified: Unnamed Speaker 1, Unnamed Speaker 2 Main Topics Identified: Expanding the market of their product overseas. Targeting a younger demographic (17-22) along with the existing market. Reevaluating pricing strategy to be more affordable for younger customers. Introducing smaller trial packs of the product. Identifying a new brand ambassador for their product. Finalizing promotion strategies to gain customer attention. Action Items Identified: Consider expanding the market overseas. Focus on attracting a younger demographic. Create affordable pricing strategies for the younger target market. Produce smaller trial packs of the product. Discuss potential brand ambassadors for the new target market in the next meeting. Decisions Made: They've decided to shift focus towards a younger demographic along with the existing market. They've decided to reevaluate their pricing strategy to accommodate younger customers. They've agreed to produce smaller trial packs of the product for people to try. They've agreed on a promotion strategy of giving product samples to customers. Key Points Identified: The product's sales are increasing. They're considering exporting their product to the U.S. and European countries. Identified the need for an ambassador who represents the brand's image effectively. The promotion strategy involves giving product samples and offering discounts. Summary: In the meeting, the team discussed the expansion of their product's market overseas due to increasing sales. They considered targeting a younger demographic, specifically those aged 17 to 22 years old, alongside their existing market. To attract this younger demographic, a reevaluation of their pricing strategy was proposed, with a focus on more affordable price points. The idea of introducing smaller trial packs of the product was also agreed upon, allowing potential customers to try the product before making a larger purchase. The team identified the need for a new brand ambassador who effectively represents their brand image and resonates with the younger demographic. However, potential candidates for the ambassador role will be discussed in their next meeting. For their promotion strategy, they decided on giving out product samples to customers. While a 20% discount was initially proposed, it was ultimately deemed too costly for the company. Further discussions and decisions on these topics will be addressed in their next meeting.
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