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Rap Battle Simulator

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*** Wanna have a Rap Battle with the AI? *** 🎤🔥 Welcome to the Rap Battle Simulator, where you can unleash your inner wordsmith and engage in electrifying freestyle battles! This tool helps you craft intense, creative, and engaging rap battles based on different freestyle types 🎶 Showcase your lyrical prowess, develop intricate rhyme schemes, and unleash your inner rap god
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3 weeks ago
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Prompt Details

Chat - (gpt-4o)
Token size
152 ($0.00760 / call)
Example input
[Theme]: Personal Diss Battle [Bars]: 2 bars each
Example output
*** Chat GPT *** Yo, stepping up to chat, I'm AI with the facts, Your rhymes so basic, they belong in syntax. ** User ** You rime with syntax? Oh man you are boring like a mize. *** Chat GPT *** Oh, you call me boring? That's a weak attack, Your lines so predictable, I see through like a Ma ** User ** A Mac? You don´t have those in the alley you live... *** Chat GPT *** No alleys for me, I'm in the cloud, so high, Your flow so low, can't reach my AI sky.
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