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🌟 Craft tailored report cards effortlessly with this "Report Card Generator" prompt! Ideal for teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents. Just input specific details to receive a unique, professional, and comprehensive report card, reflecting each student's journey. Use this prompt & access the grail for educational settings, while adding a personal touch to every student's academic record! 📈Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #MariesMasterpiece
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Updated: 6 months ago

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Example input
[Name]: Jamie Anderson [Grade Level]: 7th Grade [School]: Springfield Middle School [School Year]: 2023-2024 [Subjects]: (Please list each subject followed by the respective grade, using the grading scale provided below.) [Subject 1]: Mathematics, Grade: A [Subject 2]: Science, Grade: B+ (ETC)
Example output
SPRINGFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL 2023-2024 REPORT CARD Student Information: - Name: Jamie Anderson - Grade Level: 7th Grade - School: Springfield Middle School - School Year: 2023-2024 Academic Performance: Grading Scale: A+: 90-100% A: 80-89% B+: 70-79% B: 60-69% C+: 50-59% C: 40-49% D: 30-39% F: Below 30% Subject Grades and Comments: 1. Mathematics: - Grade: A (80-89%) - Comments: Jamie has demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills in Mathematics. Their consistent efforts have led to a deep understanding of complex topics covered in this grade level. Keep up the great work! 2. Science: - Grade: B+ (70-79%) - Comments: Jamie showcases a curious mind in science, always eager to learn more. They have exhibited a wonderful propensity for asking insightful questions which often spark engaging discussions in class. Keep nourishing your curious mind! Extra-Curricular Activities: - Debate Club: Jamie has showcased excellent debating skills, portraying not only a deep understanding of various topics but also the art of persuasion. Their involvement in the Debate Club has been commendable. - Basketball Team: Jamie has been an active member of the basketball team, showcasing great team spirit and sportsmanship. Their dedication and hard work have been pivotal in the team's performance this year. Attendance: - Days Attended: 172 - Total School Days: 180 - Comments: Jamie has maintained a good attendance record this year, hardly missing any school days. This has played a significant role in their successful academic year. Final Summary: - Jamie has had a fantastic year showcasing not only academic diligence but also participating actively in extra-curricular activities. The fine balance between academics and extra-curricular activities has made Jamie stand out as a rounded student. Their curious and eager-to-learn nature has been a great asset in their academic journey. - As we look to the next school year, Jamie could aim to deepen their understanding in science to elevate their grade further. Jamie’s enthusiasm and active participation in classes have been a delight to witness. - We commend Jamie’s hard work and dedication this school year and look forward to seeing what the next year holds for them. Keep up the great work, Jamie! -------------------------------- SPRINGFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL Springfield, USA Date of Issue: September 13, 2023 --------------------------------
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