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This prompt generates the (complete) script of a movie, ensuring an incredible result. [see the generated example] The prompt is as complex and detailed as it is easy to customize, giving you complete freedom for every kind of movie/TV series you want to make. Bring to life the movie you’ve always wanted to make! detailed guide in the "tips"
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
241 ($0.0048 / call)
Example input
screenplay for a thriller entitled 'The Edge of Darkness' thriller film, including the plot, characters, scenes, and action sequences
Example output
FADE IN: EXT. SMALL TOWN IN MAINE - DAY We see a peaceful and quaint small town in Maine. Suddenly, Olivia (50s), a retired detective, receives a phone call. OLIVIA (into phone) What do you mean he's gone? Olivia hangs up and rushes out of her house. CUT TO: EXT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE - DAY Olivia enters the abandoned warehouse and sees a group of men surrounding a bound and gagged man who turns out to be her estranged son, Ethan (20s). OLIVIA (to herself) Oh my God. Olivia tries to approach Ethan, but the men surround her. VERONICA (30s), a woman with a dangerous look in her eyes, steps forward. VERONICA (smirking) I see you got my message. OLIVIA (angrily) Where's my son? VERONICA (smiling) You'll have to work for it. CUT TO: INT. OLIVIA'S HOUSE - DAY Olivia is frantically looking through her old case files. Jack (50s), her former colleague, enters the room. JACK (trying to help) What are you looking for? OLIVIA (urgently) Anything that might be related to Veronica's gang. JACK (skeptically) You really think they're involved? OLIVIA (confidently) I know they are. CUT TO: EXT. WOODS - DAY Olivia is chasing the kidnappers through the woods. She pulls out her gun and fires at them. One of the kidnappers falls to the ground, wounded. OLIVIA (panting) Where's my son? KIDNAPPER (pained) I don't know. Olivia is about to shoot him, but Jack stops her. JACK (urgently) Wait! I have something to show you. CUT TO: INT. JACK'S OFFICE - DAY Jack is showing Olivia a file. JACK (shocked) I found this in the evidence locker. It's related to the case. Olivia looks at the file and realizes something. OLIVIA (determined) We have to go to Veronica's hideout. CUT TO: EXT. VERONICA'S HIDEOUT - DAY Olivia and Jack arrive at Veronica's hideout. They sneak in and find Ethan tied up. VERONICA (smiling) You're too late, Olivia. Olivia pulls out her gun and aims it at Veronica. OLIVIA (threateningly) Let him go. Veronica hesitates for a moment, then releases Ethan. Olivia takes Ethan and they start to leave. VERONICA (calling out) You'll never get away with this. CUT TO: EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Olivia and Ethan are driving away. Suddenly, they are being chased by Veronica's gang in a car. OLIVIA (urgently) Hold on tight. Olivia starts to speed up and leads the gang on a high-speed chase through the city. They finally lose the gang and arrive at the police station. CUT TO: INT. POLICE STATION - DAY Olivia and Ethan enter the police station. ETHAN (hugging Olivia) Thank you. OLIVIA (hugging Ethan back) I'm sorry. Jack enters the room. JACK (relieved) They're all in custody. OLIVIA (grateful) Thank you, Jack. JACK (sadly) I'm sorry, Olivia. I can't do this anymore.
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