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Screenplay Writer From Idea To Script

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👑 Bring your story to life with AI-powered Screenplay Writer! 📝 Create captivating plots and compelling characters tailored to your unique vision. Perfect for aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and story enthusiasts! #ScreenplayWriter #Screenwriting #Storytelling #Movies 🎬 Start writing your blockbuster today!
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Updated: 9 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
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Example input
Genre: Mystery Thriller Main plot: A detective on the hunt for a serial killer
Example output
Based on the information you've provided, here is a simplified version of a screenplay that might fit your description: ---- FADE IN: INT. CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT - NIGHT DETECTIVE JAMES SULLIVAN, late 40s, troubled yet charismatic, sifts through a mountain of CASE FILES. The gritty detective is on the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing 1980s Chicago. INT. JAMES' APARTMENT - FLASHBACK Young JAMES (12) and ROBERT (12), full of innocence, promise to be friends forever. BACK TO PRESENT EXT. CHICAGO STREETS - NIGHT James, haunted by his past, navigates the seedy underbelly of Chicago, getting closer to the truth. --- --- ACT II --- INT. CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT - NIGHT The case intensifies. Victims pile up. Each crime scene more elaborate than the last. James is worn, teetering on the edge. INT. JAMES' APARTMENT - FLASHBACK James and Robert (17), now teenagers, have a falling out, signalling the end of their friendship. BACK TO PRESENT INT. CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT - NIGHT James uncovers the shocking truth. The elusive serial killer is his old childhood friend, Robert. --- --- ACT III --- EXT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE - NIGHT James becomes the target, trapped in Robert's twisted game. With his life on the line, James must confront his past and his friend. INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE - NIGHT A confrontation between James and Robert. Fast-paced, tense exchanges. The blurred line between good and evil is explored. EXT. CHICAGO - NIGHT The climax. James manages to apprehend Robert, finding redemption through the hunt. He saves the day, but at what cost? FADE OUT: --- Please note that this is a simplified version and a full screenplay would involve much more detail, character development, and specific dialogue.
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