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Screenwriter For Any YouTube Channels

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Discover a new level of video content creation with our prompt! This tool will help you easily craft exciting and trendy video scripts that will captivate millions. Turn your creative ideas into viral masterpieces and stand out from the crowd. Our prompt is your path to success on YouTube. Start creating today and reach the heights of popularity
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1 month ago
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Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
277 ($0.05817 / call)
Example input
[Insert desired video duration]: 5
Example output
Script for a YouTube video: "How to Renovate Your Home Economically, Beautifully, and Quality" Video duration: 5 minutes Act 1: Setup - Key frame: The camera slowly enters an old, slightly neglected room. Suddenly, a cat crawls out from under the floor, revealing a hidden hole. - Description: "Each of us dreams of a beautiful and cozy home. But what if your budget is limited and your home urgently needs renovation? Today we will show you how to transform your home without spending a fortune." Act 2: Development - Key frame: We show the process of selecting materials in the store, comparing prices and quality. - Description: "The first step to an economical renovation is the right choice of materials. We will tell you how to avoid overpaying while maintaining quality." - Plot twist: We return home and start the renovation, using unconventional solutions and life hacks to save money. - Hooks: "Don't miss how ordinary plastic bottles turn into stylish decor!" Act 3: Climax - Key frame: We reveal the results of the renovation - the room has become bright, cozy, and stylish. - Description: "And here is the result of our efforts! It's not necessary to spend a lot to make your home look like it's out of a magazine. The important thing is to approach the process creatively and wisely." - Conclusion: "If you liked this video and want to learn more ways to save on renovations, don't forget to subscribe to our channel." SEO-optimized sentences: - "Economical DIY renovation - simple and accessible to everyone." - "How to renovate without unnecessary expenses and maintain quality." Important descriptions of key frames: - Material selection: We show in detail how to compare prices and quality, giving tips for selection. - Life hacks for saving: We demonstrate unconventional approaches to using handy materials. - Final result: We show how the room has transformed after the renovation. Interesting facts: - "Did you know that the average room renovation can be done 30% cheaper by using second-hand materials?"
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