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Social Media Content Planning Assistant

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📅📈📊 Need help planning your social media content? Look no further than the "Social Media Content Planning Assistant"! This prompt asks the right questions to help you develop a comprehensive content calendar with specific ideas for posts, formats, and hashtags. With suggestions for high-quality images and descriptions for Instagram and Pinterest, you'll be on your way to engaging your target audience and meeting your marketing goals. Plus, our analysis of metrics and insights into current trends
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11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
Social media marketing objectives: Increase brand awareness, improve audience engagement, and generate leads for sales. Target Audience: Men and women between 25 and 45 years old, interested in healthy living, physical exercise and a balanced diet. Social networks present: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We would like to focus primarily on Instagram and expand to Pinterest. Tone and communication style: Inspiring, positive and informal, with an occasional touch of humor. Themes and topics: Healthy eating, exercise, mental wellness, recipes and lifestyle tips. Future events and promotions: Launch of a new e-book on healthy eating in 2 months. We would like to promote you on social media. Posting frequency: Daily on Instagram and Facebook, and 3 times a week on Twitter and Pinterest. Hashtags and trends: #saudeebemestar, #vidasaudavel, #alimentacaosaudavel, #exerciciofisico. We would like to engage with wellness-related challenges and trends. Collaboration with influencers and partners: Yes, we would like to collaborate with influencers and bloggers in the healthy living and wellness niche, who have an engaged audience and values aligned with ours. Competitors: Company X and Company Y. We like the way Company X uses short, engaging videos, but prefer to avoid the excessive promotional posts like Company Y. Content types: Videos, images, infographics, inspirational quotes and blog articles. Branding material: We have a logo, color palette (green, white and gray) and specific fonts (Montserrat and Open Sans) that must be followed in posts.
Example output
Example output Thank you for providing this information. Based on your responses, here is a comprehensive editorial calendar that includes weekly or monthly themes with creative and specific post ideas, varied content formats, relevant and popular hashtags, high-quality image suggestions with appropriate keywords for Instagram and Pinterest, promotion tips, including ideas for collaborations with influencers or industry partners, metrics analysis information, and suggestions to continuously optimize social media marketing strategy. Monthly Themes: January: Healthy Habits to Start the Year Off Right February: Celebrating Heart Health Month March: Mindfulness and Mental Health April: Earth Day and Sustainable Living May: Spring Cleaning for Your Body and Mind June: Outdoor Exercise and Adventure July: Summer Recipes and Meal Planning August: Back to School Healthy Habits September: Self-Care and Stress Management October: Healthy Halloween Treats and Tricks November: Gratitude and Giving Back December: Mindful Holiday Eating and Gifting Weekly Post Ideas: Motivational Monday: Share inspirational quotes or stories to encourage followers to stay on track with their healthy lifestyle goals. Tasty Tuesday: Share healthy recipes that are easy to make and delicious. Workout Wednesday: Share workout tips and ideas, or feature a fitness influencer doing a workout challenge. Throwback Thursday: Share old posts with updated information or a new twist. Feature Friday: Highlight a follower or customer who has achieved their wellness goals or made positive changes. Self-Care Saturday: Share self-care tips and techniques, or feature an influencer who prioritizes self-care in their daily routine. Sunday Funday: Share fun and engaging wellness-related activities, such as hiking or trying a new healthy recipe. Content Formats: Videos: Short, engaging videos featuring workouts, recipes, or motivational messages. Images: High-quality photos of healthy food, workout routines, or inspirational quotes. Infographics: Share information in a visually appealing way, such as a healthy eating guide or workout routine. Inspirational Quotes: Share quotes that inspire followers to stay on track with their wellness goals. Blog Articles: Share longer-form content on topics such as healthy eating, exercise, or mindfulness. Hashtags and Trends: #saudeebemestar, #vidasaudavel, #alimentacaosaudavel, #exerciciofisico Engage with wellness-related challenges and trends, such as the #HealthyEatingChallenge or #FitnessChallenge. Influencer and Partner Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers and bloggers in the healthy living and wellness niche, who have an engaged audience and values aligned with ours. Ideas for collaborations include sponsored posts featuring our products or services, guest blog posts, or influencer takeovers on our social media channels. Competitor Analysis: We will monitor the content strategies of Company X and Company Y to learn from their successes and avoid their pitfalls. We will focus on creating engaging and educational content that showcases our brand values and connects with our target audience. Branding Guidelines: We will follow our branding guidelines, including our logo, color palette (green, white and gray), and specific fonts (Montserrat and Open Sans). We will create visually appealing posts that align with our brand's tone and communication style. Posting Frequency: Daily on Instagram and Facebook, and 3 times a week on Twitter and Pinterest. Metrics Analysis: We will continuously analyze our social media metrics to optimize our content strategy and improve engagement. We will track key metrics such as follower growth, engagement rate, and click-through rate to determine the effectiveness of our content.
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