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Have you ever wished one song could set the tone for hours of listening? 🎵 Our Spotify Playlist creator does just that! Based on a single song you love, we curate a playlist that captures its essence and expands your musical horizons 🌏 It's like having a personal DJ who knows your taste inside out 🎧. Dive into a seamless audio experience where each track feels like the next chapter in a story your favorite song started 📖
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
581 ($0.01740 / call)
Example input
Nico Moreno - Purple Widow (Official Clip)
Example output
Playlist Name: "Electric Shadows: A Journey Through Dark Techno" Description: Dive into the intoxicating depths of dark techno, a realm where haunting melodies meet relentless beats, inspired by Nico Moreno's "Purple Widow." The Playlist Nico Moreno - Purple Widow (Official Clip) (2019) Rationale: The cornerstone of this playlist. Its deep, relentless beats and eerie melody set the tone. Amelie Lens - Hypnotized (2019) Rationale: Continues the theme of mesmerizing dark techno beats. Charlotte de Witte - Selected (2019) Rationale: Serves the same haunting, relentless vibe that keeps you on the edge. Rebekah - Murder In Birmingham (2020) Rationale: Aggressive beats and a gritty atmosphere make this a strong follow-up. Paula Temple - Joshua and Goliath (2019) Rationale: Epic in scope, like a modern techno fable. SHDDR - Impulse (2021) Rationale: A newer entry, but fits well with its deep, guttural beats. Keith Carnal - Rijwiel (2017) Rationale: Takes you on a journey with its repetitive but gradually evolving melody. I Hate Models - Daydream (2018) Rationale: Straddles the line between trance and techno; dreamy yet intense. Regal - Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix) (2018) Rationale: A punchy track with an unforgettable melody. FJAAK - The Tube (2018) Rationale: Adds a bit of Berlin grit to the mix. Adam Beyer - Teach Me (2014) Rationale: A staple in the techno scene, slower but still potent. Enrico Sangiuliano - Hidden T (2018) Rationale: Another slower track but with a moody, creeping intensity. T78, Alesis - Singularity (2019) Rationale: A ferocious track that reinvigorates the playlist's energy. Joyhauser - C166W (2019) Rationale: Known for its euphoric build-up and drop. Perc - Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (2017) Rationale: Delivers a sense of cathartic chaos. Dax J - Reign Of Terror (2017) Rationale: Fits the darker, grittier mood with its industrial undertones. Alan Fitzpatrick - We Do What We Want (2016) Rationale: Adds a rebellious flare to the list. ANNA - Hidden Beauties (2018) Rationale: A well-crafted sonic journey; complex and layered. Spektre - Gates of Dawn (2019) Rationale: Atmospheric and contemplative, serves as a 'cool down.' UMEK - Vibrancy (2019) Rationale: Concludes the playlist with upbeat yet dark energies. Supplementary Information Amelie Lens and Charlotte de Witte: These two Belgian DJs have revolutionized the modern techno scene, making Belgium one of the techno capitals of the world. Adam Beyer's "Teach Me": The track comes from Drumcode, one of the most important labels in techno, founded by Beyer himself in 1996. "I Hate Models - Daydream": I Hate Models touches on the boundaries of techno, trance, and even post-punk, showing how fluid and diverse the genre can be. Regal - Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix): The song showcases how remixes in the techno scene can often become even more popular than the original tracks, proving the genre’s collaborative spirit. Enjoy this dark, immersive journey through the techno landscape, perfectly complemented by Nico Moreno's "Purple Widow."
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