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Experience a VIP prompt covering all of your start-up idea creation needs. (more detailed: - Included in the prompt: 1. unlimited customer support 2. detailed instructions 3. 10 examples of the prompt usage 4. modernization suggestions 5. personal customization 6. any 2 free bonus prompts worth $6.99 each. - Get access to the VIP loyalty program: 1. up to 50% off for custom prompts 2. monthly bonuses 3. custom bundle option 🎁Scroll down for a 25% off bundle.
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Updated: 7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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201 ($0.00600 / call)
Example input
[number of ideas] - “5” [market sector/industry of interest] - “Fintech” [user's skills or expertise] - “Blockchain Technology & Financial Analysis” [preferred scale of operation] - “Continental” [existing competitors or similar products/services] - “Square, Stripe, Robinhood”
Example output
1. Problem: Cross-border payments in emerging markets often face high transaction fees, long processing times, and lack of transparency. Solution: "ChainRemit" – A blockchain-based remittance platform that enables instant, low-cost, and transparent cross-border payments for both B2B and B2C sectors. Unique Selling Point (USP): A decentralized ledger system combined with financial analysis algorithms to determine the best routes for money transfer, thus reducing costs and times drastically. Longevity and Adaptability: As emerging markets become more globalized, the need for cross-border transactions will rise. A blockchain-based system can adapt by adding more currencies and expanding its network. Scalability: The decentralized nature allows for the easy addition of more nodes and integration with other blockchains or fintech platforms. 2. Problem: Micro and small businesses in emerging markets struggle with access to credit due to the lack of a standardized credit scoring system. Solution: "BlockScore" – A decentralized credit scoring system that uses blockchain to collect and verify transaction and financial data, giving businesses a transparent and immutable credit score. USP: Unlike traditional credit bureaus, BlockScore operates in real-time, pulling transaction data from multiple sources, ensuring a more accurate and up-to-date credit profile. Longevity and Adaptability: As businesses grow, so does their financial footprint. A blockchain-based system can easily expand and adjust its scoring algorithms. Scalability: Integration with major banks and microfinance institutions across the continent, allowing them to access reliable credit data. 3. Problem: Cryptocurrency is gaining traction, but its volatility makes it hard for businesses to adopt as a mode of payment. Solution: "StablePay" – A platform that instantly converts cryptocurrency payments into a stablecoin or local currency, shielding businesses from crypto's volatility. USP: Combines the user's financial analysis prowess with blockchain technology to forecast and minimize conversion losses, ensuring businesses get the most value. Longevity and Adaptability: As crypto becomes mainstream, there will be a need for bridges between traditional and digital economies. StablePay can evolve by supporting more cryptocurrencies and integrating with other fintech platforms. Scalability: Partnering with e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces across continents, offering them a seamless crypto payment gateway. 4. Problem: Many people in emerging markets lack access to stock markets and diversified investment opportunities. Solution: "EquiChain" – A blockchain-based platform that tokenizes assets from various markets, allowing users to buy fractional shares and diversify their portfolios. USP: Lower entry barriers, ensuring even those with minimal investment can have a diversified portfolio spanning across continents. Longevity and Adaptability: As more assets get tokenized (real estate, art, etc.), EquiChain can expand its offerings, adapting to the changing investment landscape. Scalability: Collaborations with stock exchanges and asset managers across the continent to tokenize and list more assets. 5. Problem: The majority of the population in emerging markets lacks financial literacy, leading to poor financial decisions. Solution: "FinEduChain" – A gamified blockchain platform that rewards users with tokens as they complete financial literacy modules and make sound financial decisions in a simulated environment. USP: Blends financial analysis with blockchain, offering real-time feedback on financial decisions made within the game, ensuring users understand the consequences of their actions. Longevity and Adaptability: As the financial landscape changes, the platform can update its modules to reflect new financial products or economic conditions. Scalability: Partnering with schools, universities, and financial institutions to integrate FinEduChain into their financial literacy programs.
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