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🎓 Welcome to our study plan builder! Let's create a study plan tailored to your needs. Choose between a general plan with daily tasks and links to free resources or a personalized plan based on your goals, content preferences, and experience. We'll ask a few questions to create a plan that helps you confidently pursue your learning objectives. Our detailed guides, relevant links, and additional resources will keep you on track. Let's get started on your academic journey! 📚
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7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
[Learning Goal]: Building foundational knowledge in aerodynamics [Learning Preferences]: Beginner, interested in videos and interactive exercises [Available Resources]: free online resources [Time Constraints]: Flexible, around 5–10 hours per week, 6 day study plan.
Example output
Great! Based on your answers, here is a personalized study plan for building foundational knowledge in aerodynamics: Day 1: Introduction to Aerodynamics • Watch the YouTube video "What is Aerodynamics?" from the channel "Learn Engineering": (go to and search for "Learn Engineering What is Aerodynamics?") • Read the article "Introduction to Aerodynamics" from the website "Aerospace Engineering Blog" (go to and search for "Introduction to Aerodynamics") Day 2: Airfoils and Lift • Watch the YouTube video "Airfoils and Lift" from the channel "Real Engineering": (go to and search for "Real Engineering Airfoils and Lift") • Complete the interactive exercise "Airfoil Tools" from the website "Airfoil Tools": (go to and select "Airfoil Tools" from the top menu) Day 3: Bernoulli's Principle and Pressure • Watch the YouTube video "Bernoulli's Principle Explained" from the channel "Science ABC": (go to and search for "Science ABC Bernoulli's Principle Explained") • Read the article "Bernoulli's Principle and How it Works" from the website "ThoughtCo" (go to and search for "Bernoulli's Principle and How it Works") Day 4: Drag and Thrust • Watch the YouTube video "What is Drag? What is Thrust?" from the channel "Flight Club": (go to and search for "Flight Club What is Drag? What is Thrust?") • Complete the interactive exercise "Drag Calculator" from the website "": (go to and select "Drag Calculator" from the top menu) Day 5: Wind Tunnels and Flight Testing • Watch the YouTube video "Wind Tunnel Testing Explained" from the channel "Real Engineering": (go to and search for "Real Engineering Wind Tunnel Testing Explained") • Read the article "Flight Testing" from the website "NASA" (go to and search for "Flight Testing") Day 6: Review and Additional Resources • Review the concepts covered in the previous days using the study materials and interactive exercises. • Explore additional resources on aerodynamics that interest you, such as the YouTube channels "Smarter Every Day" and "Primer": (go to and search for "Smarter Every Day" and "Primer") I hope you find this personalized study plan helpful for building your foundational knowledge in aerodynamics. Good luck with your studies!
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