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Summarize Meeting Transcript

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Updated: 1 year ago

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Example input
Meeting transcript: Meeting Date: May 28, 2023 Present: Jennifer (CEO), Mike (CTO), Lisa (CFO), Samuel (Head of Marketing), Emily (Head of HR) Jennifer (CEO): Let's begin. I wanted to discuss Q2 results and upcoming strategy for Q3. Mike, any updates on the tech front? Mike (CTO): Yes, the development team completed the upgrade of our core platform. There were a few minor issues, but they were resolved. We're ready for the Q3 product launch. Jennifer (CEO): Good to hear. Lisa, how are we doing financially? Lisa (CFO): Q2 results were slightly below target, mainly due to increased marketing costs. However, I predict an upturn in Q3 due to the product launch. Jennifer (CEO): Samuel, we need to keep marketing costs under control. What's the strategy? Samuel (Head of Marketing): We're working on it. I'll present a revised marketing plan next week, focusing on more cost-effective channels. Jennifer (CEO): Excellent. Emily, how's the new recruitment drive? Emily (Head of HR): We've filled the technical positions, but still have two open roles in sales. We're interviewing candidates next week. Jennifer (CEO): I hope we fill these roles before the product launch. Let's wrap up for today. We'll reconvene next week to discuss the marketing plan and recruitment progress.
Example output
Meeting Summary: Meeting Date: May 28, 2023 Attendees: Jennifer (CEO), Mike (CTO), Lisa (CFO), Samuel (Head of Marketing), Emily (Head of HR) Main Points: The development team has completed the upgrade of the company's core platform, resolving a few minor issues, and is ready for the Q3 product launch (Mike). Q2 financial results were below target primarily due to increased marketing costs, but an upturn is expected in Q3 due to the upcoming product launch (Lisa). A revised marketing plan, emphasizing cost-effective channels, is under development to be presented next week (Samuel). Progress in recruitment: technical roles are filled but two sales roles are still open. Further interviews are scheduled for next week (Emily). Agreements: The company should be ready for the Q3 product launch (Jennifer & Mike). There is a need to control marketing costs (Jennifer & Samuel). The open sales roles need to be filled before the product launch (Jennifer & Emily). Disagreements: None observed. Tasks Assigned: Samuel to present a revised marketing plan that emphasizes cost-effective channels. Emily to continue the recruitment drive for the open sales roles. Conclusions: The Q3 strategy will be focused on the product launch and cost-effective marketing. The company should aim to fill the remaining open sales roles before the product launch. Areas of ambiguity or contradiction: None observed. However, it might be worth probing further into why marketing costs escalated in Q2, what specific "cost-effective channels" Samuel is considering, and what challenges, if any, Emily is facing in filling the sales roles.
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